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Academy Award winner shares filmmaking tips with Ipswich students

Dozens of Ipswich students will have their films shown on the big screen this Saturday, following filmmaking workshops with an Oscar winning cinematographer.

Husband and wife filmmaking duo Greg and Andrea Huglin have been running workshops in seven different schools across Ipswich, teaching students how to produce, shoot and edit their own short films.

Budding filmmakers from Bremer State High School, Redbank Plains State High School, Woodcrest State College, West Moreton Anglican College, The Springfield Anglican College, Bundamba State College and The Ipswich State High School will screen their short films based on the theme, ‘The Kindness Umbrella’, at Limelight Cinemas on Saturday 29 February.

“Shooting a film is a team effort and the students became directors, producers, script writers, actors, sound technicians, clapperboard operators and data wranglers. ‘The Umbrella’ is a very special storyboard we developed for the Mary Poppins Film Festival and it sprinkles a little movie magic wherever we go,” Greg Huglin said.

The couple moved to Queensland five years ago from the US, following Greg’s Academy Award win for documentary, The Cove.

Andrea Huglin said the students were thrilled with the chance to use some state-of-the-art filmmaking equipment.

“A lot of them were really excited to have a go shooting with the RED Epic. It’s a $60,000 camera so it does have a bit of a wow factor,” Ms Huglin said.

“The feedback has been incredible, and we just loved working with them.

“They had such a great energy, and some of the ideas were really quirky and creative.”

Ms Huglin said that the groups achieved a huge amount during the one day workshops.

“We worked together on every aspect from the shoot to a collaborative edit, so it gives it the feel of being a film crew working towards an end goal.

“It’s amazing to see what they’ve come up with.”

Andrea and Greg will continue their filmmaking workshops this year, funded through Regional Arts Development Fund grants and councils.

Visit council’s website for more information on Regional Arts Development Fund grants.

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