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Craig Smith: What is being done to fix the problem we have with potentially unstable, drug-affected people loitering around the CBD. Why is there no visible police presence?

The concerns you raise are ones that council and police are taking very seriously. In fact, council and police are meeting this week to address this issue and discuss strategies going forward.

Police work closely with council on CBD community safety matters, undertaking several patrols of the area each day and working in conjunction with the Safe City program.

Council will continue to work with local businesses to support them and their patrons, and all visitors to the area, as the redevelopment of the CBD continues.

Debbie Fletcher: Why are trucks pumping out raw sewerage at night at the end of Nevis Road, Ripley? The smell is disgusting and we cannot open any windows or doors or use our pool or entertainment area. If they want to build new housing developments in the area the old residents should not have to suffer.

Council investigated this matter and there is an explanation, although still probably on the nose.

There is a Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) pumping station serving the sewerage rising main in this area and it is relatively close to your property.

A smell would occur when work is being carried out on this infrastructure or indeed when an external contractor is depositing sewage into the system.

This is a lawful activity and is done under an agreement with QUU. You may need to raise the issue with QUU.

Jim Shobbz: When will Junction Road between Melbourne Street and Karalee State School be resurfaced or upgraded?

Council monitors traffic volumes on the major road network through an annual traffic count program, which includes a count site on Junction Road in the vicinity of Rea Road.

Like many roads in the Ipswich region, traffic volumes are steadily increasing along this section of Junction Road.

Council has undertaken the concept planning for the future upgrade of this section of Junction Road to upgrade it to an urban standard, including kerb and channel, drainage and street light improvements.

Unfortunately there are many worthwhile road projects and, based on citywide priorities and available funding, it is unlikely that a major upgrade for Junction Road will occur in the short-term.

Council is planning to reseal the section of Junction Road between Torrens Street and Arthur Summervilles Road this financial year.

Based on current construction programming it is likely that these works will occur around April 2018.

Alyce Petit: When will the School Road link to the Centenary Motorway open?

Council is currently working with major developers in Redbank Plains south to bring forward the delivery of this new road link in line with development works.

Ideally this link would be constructed within the next 18 months. It is difficult to provide an exact timeframe as work is reliant on an contractual agreement being reached between multiple parties.

Catherine: It has come to my attention that there are no support services for the LGBTIQ+ community in Ipswich. My transgender godson and myself are interested in creating a community group to address the current gap in services after consultation with other members of the community. How would we go about getting this off the ground and who would we talk to for support?

Council is committed to ensuring an inclusive community where all residents are treated with respect and where diversity is valued and celebrated.

I acknowledge that stand-alone services for the LGBTIQ community do not currently exist in Ipswich and applaud your desire and effort to facilitate support and increased connectivity for the local LGBTIQ community.

Should you wish to connect with council’s Community Engagement Branch please email

Staff would be very happy to meet with you to discuss your experiences and provide advice on how council can support your aspiration to create a community group.

Stephanie Trengove: What is happening with the old diary factory on Jacaranda Street? The development was not approved, but they have started work on the site.

The land which previously contained the Jacaranda Dairy Products Factory at 111 Jacaranda Street, North Booval has a current development approval with a number of components including retail and commercial uses and residential medium density uses.

The site is being cleared and is likely to be developed in the near future with a shopping centre, child care centre and residential units. Traffic was considered in the assessment of the application.

Application information including the development approval, approved plans and technical supporting reports can be found here.

Troy Chandler: With potential A-League and NRL bids for Ipswich what future planning is being done for a rectangular stadium in Ipswich (not Springfield) to get them over the line?

Council has previously undertaken planning with regards to the location of stadiums in the city. It is expected that the outcome of the planning currently underway will be made public in early 2018, so watch this space.

Darren Bolton: I see that Costco is coming to Ipswich, which is great news as we are attracting business and investment, but what are the future plans for Citiswich including construction, roads and traffic?

Council is currently assessing the material change of use application for Costco within Citiswich, which will include the assessment of traffic-related impacts on council’s road network associated with the development.

Similarly, the State Government is assessing the traffic-related impacts on the state road network including the Warrego Highway, River Road and Brisbane Road.

All application information can be accessed here.

Daniel Melbourne: When I moved to Ipswich a year ago I found it unusual and amusing to see the former mayor’s name on numerous signs throughout the region. For example, the Brassall Shopping Centre signage at the corner of Hunter and Workshops streets. Is there a plan to remove his name from these and other signs?

Signs under council control are progressively being changed. The sign you mention at Brassall has been updated.

Alan White: When are you going to do something to stop the dust and pollution in Raceview, Ripley and Flinders View emanating from the endless dumping of garbage at New Chum and Swanbank. It’s getting to the stage where washing cannot be left outside to dry and outside eating areas need to be pressure cleaned before use.

Dust and particles that unreasonably interfere with the amenity of a dwelling can be classed as an environmental nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1994.

Council works collaboratively with our partner agencies and the community to address these types of issues.

It is important for members of the community to accurately record the times, dates and details of any incidents.

Any complaints of pollution received by council are taken seriously and we have Environmental Health Officers who will investigate.

If a resident suspects that the dust is emanating from one of the waste industries in the New Chum and Swanbank area it is very likely that those industries will be undertaking an environmentally relevant activity (ERA).

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) has jurisdiction to investigate complaints of dust and pollution when an ERA is involved.

If the source of the dust is not related to an ERA then the local government has a responsibility to deal with the complaint.

Residents have two options when it comes to reporting dust and pollution issues.

They can contact Ipswich City Council on 3810 6666 to lodge a complaint. Alternatively, if the pollution is significant or relates to an ERA they can lodge a complaint with DEHP by calling 1300 130 372 or by emailing

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