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Behind the Screens: Roof framing installed for new entertainment hub

It’s been one month since our last look behind the boarding that surrounds the Venue building, but the bones of the new entertainment hub are emerging.

From the foyer you can see the roofing beams now in place.

A key addition this month is the remainder of the steel framing to support the roof. Later this month the roof is expected to be installed, including a large skylight, closing in the building and marking a milestone known as ‘topping out’.

From the roof supports you can see the distinctive shape of the skylight. Click on the dots for more information.

And turning our attention from the ceiling to the floor, the iconic brickwork that will mark the grand entrance to the venue has commenced with the base of several steel pillars now wrapped in red brick, and the feature curved wall also boasting several courses.

Explore the building in 360 degrees from the first-floor landing.

The red brick will be a feature of the façade. Click on the dots to see more.

Deeper inside the building, multiple deliveries have arrived and await installation including the heavy plant that will run the buildings electrical and air-conditioning, as well as the much-anticipated escalator, which currently lies under wraps until it can be craned into place.

Over the coming month, less visible works will continue such as the preparations for plumbing and electrical (services), air-condition venting and some of the internal walls will start to see sheet plaster added to them, helping to give a better idea of what the inside layout will look like when the Venue opens in 2024.

Services including power and air-conditioning are well underway.

We’ll revisit the site in November to keep you informed on what is happening with this exciting development in your emerging city heart.

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