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Costco seeks permission to open service station

A request to allow the service station and membership counter of the new Costco store at Bundamba to open ahead of the rest of the warehouse has been lodged with Ipswich City Council.

The request was lodged with council last week by Ethos Urban on behalf of Costco Wholesale Australia Pty Ltd.

It follows delays in the opening of the warehouse, which Costco had planned to open in the lead up to Christmas 2018.

The application notes negotiations with infrastructure and service providers have resulted in delays to the full opening of the warehouse, with a resolution likely still months away.

It suggests the opening of the service station and membership counter would go hand in hand, with Costco membership required for motorists to use the service station.

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“The service station component is fully constructed and is able to operate efficiently, safely and independently of the warehouse facility,” the application notes.

“It is also requested that the counter area of the warehouse be available for customers to sign up Costco memberships, which is mandatory to use this service station.”

The application argues the early opening of the service station and membership counter would not significantly impact the existing traffic network including the nearby Warrego Highway off ramp.

If the change is approved, the warehouse would not be open to purchase goods.

The full warehouse cannot be opened until associated approval conditions, including some relating to roadworks, are met.

Council is considering the application.

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