Council extends free green waste storm disposal

Ipswich City Council crews continue to clean up from wild weather which hit Chuwar, Karalee and surrounding suburbs on 25 October. 

Council also clarified that a pamphlet sent to some residents following the event was unauthorised and incorrect.  The pamphlets have now been destroyed and will not be sent to any further letterboxes. 

Council apologies for the miscommunication and any confusion it might have caused to residents. 

In response, council has agreed to extend the free green waste disposal at the Riverview and Rosewood transfer stations for residents in the affected suburbs, from storms on 25 October, for an additional two weeks until 16 November. 

Residents are reminded that green waste from private land and its disposal is the responsibility of the land holder. Please do not stockpile private waste on council land. However, Council also advises any residents who are having/ or would have extreme difficulty undertaking their own clean-up work, to submit a council service request for consideration by exception on compassionate grounds. 

This may include, severely restricted physical or financial ability to undertake clean-up, disability, pension age. Applicants will be notified ASAP following the assessment and where successful will be asked to be patient whilst crews get to their property over the coming weeks. 

Council crews have performed extensive work since the storm and will continue this week, including cleaning up trees and debris that was on the road. 

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