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Council leads way in zero waste community day at Future Waste Resources event

The Future Waste Resources 2018 convention, being held in Ipswich from 11-13 October, will feature a Recycling in Action open day specifically for the community.

FWR 2018 hosts, Waste, Recycling Industry Association of Queensland (WRIQ), supported by the City of Ipswich, have invited the public on the Saturday to the free community day, which will also be held at The Workshops Rail Museum at North Ipswich from 9.30am to 1.30pm.

Council will be holding two information sessions on the community day at 10.30am and 12.30pm.

Officers will talk about how Ipswich can move towards zero waste as a community with a focus on the waste management hierarchy and how the community can be empowered as decision-makers and consumers to avoid and reduce waste, and reuse and repurpose items wherever possible.

The Recycle 4 team will also be hosting an information stall on the day, highlighting council’s recent campaign for residents to recycle just four items (paper, cardboard, plastic and tins/cans) and attempt to reduce recycling contamination rates from over 50 per cent to under 15 per cent.

Reverse Garbage, a Brisbane based not for profit, will be conducting a two-hour drop in session from 10am to noon where you can make a bag or phone accessories using recycled materials. Participants are encouraged to bring along old eWaste or batteries and they will be taken away and recycled.

The Recycling in Action open day, a new and exciting initiative for council, will provide a unique opportunity for industry to engage with the local community. It will give the public, especially younger members, the chance to see up close and learn about the equipment and technology used to process the items that are put into bins and some of the products that can be made from them.

WRIQ Chief Executive Officer Rick Ralph said the community will be welcome to visit the FWR 2018 equipment and trade exhibits, speak with re-processors, local manufacturers/compost industry and recyclers and engage directly with the industry on the open day.

“FWR 2018 will showcase and share ideas that demonstrate more sustainable ways of managing our waste and of achieving more in terms of the sector’s resource recovery,” he said.

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