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Council offers kerbside collection for hail-affected properties

Ipswich City Council is offering kerbside collection of building waste from storm-affected areas, including Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Rosewood, Willowbank and Thagoona.

Mayor Teresa Harding said council will begin the collection of the building and non-putrescible waste from affected streets only from Wednesday.

“The impact of the hail damage has become clear today and council has moved quickly to approve kerbside collection of building waste immediately,” she said.

Homes in more than 500 streets across Springfield and Springfield Lakes alone have suffered severe, moderate or minor damage from the storm on Saturday, 31 October.

About 1700 homes were still without power yesterday as Energex, SES and council crews continued to provide support and assistance.

“There is a mammoth job ahead of everyone. The damage is extensive and council is doing what it can to make things easier in the recovery efforts,” Mayor Harding said.

“The provision of kerbside collection of building waste extends to the affected areas in Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Rosewood, Willowbank and Thagoona only and we urge residents in these suburbs only to make use of the service.

“We encourage residents to place the building waste on the kerbside over the next few days – with the collection coming through from Wednesday to Friday this week.”

The waste could include storm-related building waste, storm-damaged furniture and whitegoods.

Mayor Harding said council was also assisting affected residents by providing food disposal bins.

“From tomorrow morning council will place food waste only bins at two locations for disposal of spoiled food products from fridges and freezers which might have had power cut for extended periods since the weekend,” she said.

West Moreton Health issued a health advisory today warning residents to be vigilant with food hygiene and the message: if in doubt, throw it out.

The bins, marked food waste only, will be located at:

  • Carpark located at 61 Summit Drive, Springfield Lakes. Summit Oval
  • Carpark located at 55 Burlington Terrace, Springfield lakes. Spring Lake Park

They will be serviced daily to avoid any ongoing health issues.

“The weekend storm has had a major impact on our communities and the emergency response has been swift and appropriate,” Mayor Harding said.

“Council will continue to assess the clean-up and recovery operations and adjust as necessary.”

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