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Councillor Nicole Jonic appointed as new Ipswich Deputy Mayor

Ipswich Deputy Mayor, Cr Nicole Jonic.

Division 2 Councillor Nicole Jonic has been appointed Deputy Mayor of Ipswich for the next year.

Cr Jonic, who is chair of Ipswich City Council’s Economic and Industry Development Committee and chair of the recently formed Halloween hailstorm recovery and reconstruction taskforce, will take over the Deputy Mayor role from Division 3 Councillor Marnie Doyle.

Today’s appointment was the result of a decision by all councillors one year ago to rotate the Deputy Mayor role every year of the four-year council term.

Mayor Teresa Harding thanked Cr Doyle for her year as Deputy Mayor and congratulated Cr Jonic on her appointment.

“I welcome Cr Jonic into the role of Deputy Mayor and I am supremely confident she will do a great job,” Mayor Harding said.

“Nicole was new to council in 2020 and has already shown great leadership in her first year here. She has shown a high level of passion and commitment to council and the community.

“She is an excellent representative of her division and the City of Ipswich as a whole and I look forward to working closely with her over the next 12 months.”

Mayor Harding praised Cr Doyle’s performance over the past year.

“Cr Marnie Doyle stepped up when we were a new council, fresh out of administration, and in the middle of a global pandemic,” Mayor Harding said.

“She did an amazing job and I thank her for her support and dedication during our first year in office.

“The intent 12 months ago from all councillors was to share the responsibility of the Deputy Mayor role. Council supported that initiative then and maintained that position today.”

Cr Jonic thanked her fellow councillors for the endorsement of her nomination as Deputy Mayor and their confidence in her.

She said her roles as committee chair, head of the recovery and reconstruction taskforce, assisting council’s designation as the first Small Business Friendly Council, and working on the city’s resource recovery strategy would provide invaluable insight going forward in the challenging new position. 

“It is my privilege to acknowledge our outgoing Deputy Mayor, Cr Marnie Doyle; your leadership during the past 12 months has been extraordinary. You led us with conviction, passion, and an unshakable love for our city. Thank you,” Cr Jonic said.

“As your new Deputy Mayor, I give my commitment that I will represent our city in its entirety, unreserved and proactively.

“I will work collaboratively with all councillors, officers and community for the betterment of our city and to make the next 12 months the very best they can be for the people of Ipswich.”

Councillors voted 5/4 in favour of Cr Jonic after Cr Doyle nominated to continue in the role at today’s full council meeting.

Cr Jonic will continue in her current council roles, as will Cr Doyle as chair of the Ipswich Central Redevelopment Committee and on the Audit and Risk Management Committee.

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