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Crane on the skyline clear evidence of progress on Ipswich redevelopment

Construction continues at fast pace in Ipswich Central redevelopment

Over the years, many people have invoked the famed Sir Joh economic index: cranes on the city skyline was clear evidence of progress.

That means progress is happening in Ipswich Central with a crane about to be erected on the Nicholas Street redevelopment site.

Roads are being partially closed around the area on Saturday so the 60m crane can be constructed and moved into place.

“This is an exciting development, a real sign of progress as Ipswich Central is rebuilt and turned into a place all of the community can be proud of,” said Interim Administrator Greg Chemello.

The crane will be assembled on Bremer Street near the level 3 car park entry on Saturday 19 October. This is expected to be completed by 10pm.

There will be traffic controllers on Bremer Street for the duration to direct traffic and to ensure minimum disruption.

The level 5 entry (enter by turning right off Bremer Street) will remain open and operational for the duration.

Once the crane is assembled onsite, it is anticipated that it will operate Monday-to-Friday for between 10-12 hours a day.

The crane will be 6.5 metres above the finished height of the new Ipswich City Council administration building (eight-storeys).

It will be located in the footprint/basement of the admin building site and will be onsite for about one year.

It will be used to move building materials around the admin building site, the library and the civic space and during building each of the spaces.

Other work taking place this week includes:

• After-hours demolition work in the car park
• Pile trimming and detail excavation
• Preparation for paving
• A workforce of 60 is now operating on site. This is expected to grow to about 200 by the start of 2020.

Business in the Nicholas St precinct remain open during construction.

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