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Disaster preparedness through the eyes of children

Ipswich students have explored how natural hazards and disasters impact the city as part of a citywide poster competition.

The City of Ipswich Resilient School Children Poster Competition was run by Ipswich City Council and the Ipswich City State Emergency Service Unit.

It was an extension of the Disaster Resilience Schools Program.

Students from Prep to Year 6 were asked to tackle one of three themes for this year’s competition. They were:

  • How do the SES help?
  • Get into the habit of noticing…
  • What goes into an emergency kit?

Posters depicted SES volunteers helping with searches, using flood boats and shoring up damaged buildings after a disaster.

Participants also showed they had a strong grasp of what items are essential for an emergency kit, with winning posters showing items such as first-aid resources, non-perishable food, torches, a radio and drinking water.

About 60 children entered the competition from schools across Ipswich. The winning schools and their students shared in $4,500 worth of prizes.

St Mary’s Primary School Year 5 teacher Kim Jorgensen said the competition was a valuable learning opportunity.

She said lessons learned by the students who took part would reach deeper into the community as the students shared their knowledge with parents and grandparents.

All entries in the competition will be on display at Queens Park Educational Centre until 13 December.

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