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Division 3 highlights: Works to reinvigorate unique attractions and suburbs

Division 3 Councillors Andrew Fechner and Marnie Doyle.

Some of Ipswich’s most established suburbs and popular community attractions will receive a welcome boost in council’s 2022-2023 Budget.

Division 3 Councillor Marnie Doyle, who is also Ipswich Central Redevelopment Committee Chairperson, said a standout figure in the budget for Division 3 was a commitment of more than $41.5 million for the ongoing Nicholas Street Precinct redevelopment.

“This project is creating a vibrant hub that is bringing new energy, excitement and jobs to both Division 3 and the City of Ipswich,” Cr Doyle said.

“But this budget also recognises and supports popular and established attractions across Ipswich Central that are important to the social and economic wellbeing of our city.”

Councillor Doyle said $600,000 of improvements had been committed to Queens Park – one of the oldest parks in Queensland – as well as $320,000 for the Ipswich Nature Centre.

“These are some of the city’s most beloved attractions and these improvements will help ensure residents and their families can continue to enjoy and be proud of these wonderful facilities,” Cr Doyle said.

“A key improvement to the Ipswich Nature Centre will be coverings over selected paths and boardwalks.

“The centre is close to a roosting site for migrating flying fox colonies and these works will improve the visitor experience and ensure a safer environment.”

Division 3 Councillor Andrew Fechner said the budget also committed to works that addressed the needs of some of the city’s oldest established suburbs.

“Our local suburbs are full of character and history but need investment in community infrastructure such as roads and parks to improve local amenity,” Cr Fechner said.

“A number of road upgrades committed in the 2022-2023 Budget will be a significant boost to these established suburbs.

“These are quality rehabilitation projects with a minimum design life of 20 years.”

Councillor Fechner said community sporting and park facilities would also receive a boost in the budget, with works ranging from new footpaths to clubhouses.

“Significant investment in facilities at Willey Street Park and Jim Donald Parklands will benefit local sport groups and provide healthy lifestyle opportunities for the wider community,” Cr Fechner said.


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