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Future Recreational Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Prioritised

Council has listened to the community and adopted an action plan to guide recreational cycling and walking infrastructure planning over the next decade.

The Recreational Cycling and Walking Action Plan is part of council’s Active Ipswich Strategy 2031 which aims to increase participation in recreational cycling and walking to support better health and wellbeing for residents.

The action plan envisages more connected, sustainable and safe recreational cycling and walking networks that increase opportunities for residents to embrace walking and cycling for exercise, fun, or to simply enjoy with family and friends.

Community, Culture, Arts and Sport Committee Chairperson Councillor Andrew Fechner said council has listened to the community and has adopted a comprehensive, long-term action plan that will better inform the planning and design of more quality walking and cycling infrastructure across Ipswich.

“I am really pleased that council has adopted the Recreational Cycling and Walking Action Plan that provides a structured and methodological approach to the planning and prioritisation of future community cycling and walking infrastructure,” Cr Fechner said.

“The action plan also aims to plan and develop supportive cycling and walking communities, including increasing educational walking and cycling programs, and foster safe walking and cycling culture within Ipswich.”

In 2021, Ipswich residents were directly engaged via a Shape Your Ipswich survey, which asked residents what is the most important factor that would influence their decision to walk or cycle for recreation.

A review of the data from the 627 responses told council residents wanted to see more footpaths, more walking paths and tracks, better safety, separation from traffic, and more shade and lighting along walking paths.

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