Give your garbo a wave this Easter

Rain, hail or shine, a garbage collector’s work never stops, not even on a public holiday.

If you’re tucking into a hot cross bun or some chocolate over the Easter weekend, spare a thought for your kerbside waste collectors, and give them a wave to say thanks.

There are no public holidays for Ipswich City Council’s garbage truck drivers, who will operate all collection services as normal over the next week, including Good Friday, Easter Monday and Anzac Day.

Ben Harris has been a garbo for three years.

With two young kids, he admits working through the holidays can be tough, but the friendly smiles and waves brighten up his day.

“I enjoy it, I love it,” Mr Harris said.

“There’s a heap of kids that run out with their parents and wave,”

“They think you’re like a superhero, so when you wave back, they’re like, wow! It makes their day.”

How to make your garbo’s day:

  • Keep your bins one metre apart: The arm that lifts them into the truck needs a little bit of room. If bins are too close, the driver has to get out and separate them.
  • Keep clear of obstacles: Look up and if possible try not to place your bin under low hanging wires or tree branches.
  • Don’t overfill:Birds love an overfilled bin and will rip the rubbish out, leaving behind an unsightly mess.
  • Have your bin out early: By 6am the day of collection is the go.
  • Give them a wave: If you spot your garbo on their run, give them a smile and a wave, it will mean a lot.

Some kids even help their garbage collectors get their job done faster.

“There’s one kid who’s a bit older, and he runs along his street as we arrive, making sure the the bins are lined up right,” he said.

“He wants to be a garbo when he’s older. He’s a great kid.”

But expressing gratitude isn’t just for the kids.

Mr Harris said lots of older people give him a wave from their verandah, and he’d encourage more people to do the same. 

“It’s just really nice,” he said.

“It’s not a glory job like a doctor or anything, but it’s good to show your thanks.”

Residents are reminded to put their bins out by 6am on their collection day.

Those who have their bins collected on Thursday are being asked to put their bins out on Wednesday night on 24 April, ahead of Anzac Day, as collection trucks may arrive earlier or later to stay clear of planned marches and services.

What’s the secret to remembering bin day?

Use the Ipswich Bin App. It lets you know if it’s your general waste, recycling or green waste bin collection week.

It also has handy waste sorting tips. Find out more here.



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