History repeats as record-setting journey is re-enacted

History repeated itself this week with the re-enactment of a record-setting 1918 car journey from Brisbane to Toowoomba via Ipswich.

The record of two hours seven and a half minutes was set a century ago and remained intact after the recreation was completed on Thursday July 5 2018 in the original 1912 Whitey Overland car used in 1918.

The vehicle has been owned for 52 years by veteran car collector Graham Crittenden of Kingaroy who has devoted a lifetime to veteran and vintage vehicles.

He was joined by his son John Adams to recreate the 1918 trip which newspapers reported at the time as a ‘new motor record’.

Speaking with ABC radio before the trip Mr Crittenden said it wasn’t the first time he attempted the journey.

“Fifty years ago I tried to recreate the 50th anniversary but was unsuccessful because we had mechanical problems at Rosewood,” he said.

“I’ve waited another 50 years to have another go.

“We’ve done a better job on the car and feel quite confident to drive it.”

The 1912 Whitey Overland car heads on its way.

John Adams and Graham Crittenden received a certificate from Cr Paul Tully.

The 1918 route started from the Treasury building in George Street Brisbane.

Mr Crittenden said car was still in its original colour of white when the first owner Mr Fred Eager purchased the car.

“It also had a go at the Australian land speed record in 1916 on the beach at Southport. It achieved 81 and a half miles an hour,” he said.

On the journey Mr Crittenden, driven by son Paul, made a pit stop at The Royal Mail Hotel in Goodna.

During the only stop in Ipswich local councillor Paul Tully presented a commemorative certificate on behalf of the residents of Ipswich.

“Brisbane Terrace Goodna was part of the main road to Ipswich until December 1955,” Cr Tully said.

“It was the first road in Goodna to be get bitumen.

“The original record-breaking journey 100 years ago would have been an impressive effort linking the three cities.”

For the record the 2018 trip from Brisbane to Toowoomba took 30 minutes longer than the 1918 journey.

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