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How to stop your dog from jumping the fence

Ipswich City Council carpenters Brett Tazelaar and Dane Turner (pictured) are generally more comfortable building in their workshop than being in front of a camera.

No such bother for their feline co-star Didga, who’s already a YouTube skateboarding sensation with plenty of cat-itude.

Together the terrific trio have starred in a series of DIY videos to inspire residents to keep their pets inside their property boundaries.

Keeping your dog in the yard not only protects them, it also ensure they are not a nuisance to the community.

Brett and Dane have come up with two different do-it-yourself solutions that are practical and cost effective.

Ipswich City Council has made a do-it-yourself guide and video to take you through the steps to build both a pipe and wire or spinning pipe solution.

Detailed instructions are on council's website

 Before you start any work that involves a dividing fence, please know your rights and obligations, including obtaining neighbour consent. If any work increases the height of a fence, building, amenity and aesthetics approval may be required. A property in a Character Area Zone may have additional requirements. For more information visit and

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