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Ipswich chef shares his secrets in the kitchen

Ipswich Civic Centre’s Rohan Dowdy shares his favourite recipes and cooking tips

Ipswich Civic Centre executive chef Rohan Dowdy started his working life as a kitchen hand more than 30 years ago experimenting with flavours and watching how chefs would go about their work.

His journey has taken him from a small country pub in South Australia to five star hotels.

Just over two years ago he joined a new wave of staff at Ipswich Civic Centre to head up the rejuvenation of the food and beverage service.

Today Ipswich First launches the first in a locally made series to be released on YouTube called Cooking with Rohan.

“I feel I have been lucky to have learnt from European chefs, to have learnt many different cuisines, and now have the opportunity to share this experience with the Ipswich community,” Rohan Dowdy said.

During the shoot for the first episode he said the big names on TV make shooting a cooking show look easy.

“The first show was an enjoyable experience and I hope my passion and love for cooking comes through.”

The first dish chosen was oven roasted beef fillet, parmesan kipfler potato, asparagus, vine ripe tomato and shiraz jus.

“In future episodes I hope to draw on my experience in fine dining, buffet and Asian menus.

“My personal favourite things to cook incorporate Asian and European flavours and feature fish, which is very versatile when you add sauces and flavours.”

Mr Dowdy worked previously at the Intercontinental and Hyatt in Adelaide before moving his family to Queensland.

“Other career highlights include knowing my former colleagues have become well established in their own careers and that I was part of their development and learning,” he said.

Ipswich Civic Centre manager Don Stewart said since the North Ipswich Reserve Corporate Centre was added to range of venue options in the city catering services had expanded to offer a new level of service.

“The city can be very proud of all of our staff, including Rohan, who are at the core of providing an exceptional standard of food and beverage service.

“Ipswich Civic Centre offers an evolving menu to support the year-round program of local, national and international performing arts events.

“We also hope a local audience will appreciate cooking tips from a local.”

In the first episode of Cooking with Rohan learn how to prepare oven roasted beef fillet, parmesan kipfler potato, asparagus, vine ripe tomatoes with a shiraz jus.

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