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Ipswich Mayor urges residents to be extra vigilant with COVID-19 in the community

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding has been briefed by Deputy Premier and Minister for Health Steven Miles on latest COVID-19 developments.

Speaking at a media conference at the Ipswich Local Disaster Management Group conference room today, Mayor Harding said now was not the time to panic, but to be “extra vigilant against the invisible enemy in our community”.

“We all need to band together to make sure we stop COVID in its tracks in Ipswich,” she said.

“I spoke with the Deputy Premier today and he said we really need to boost up our level of alertness.

“He said we need to be really vigilant and stop this.

“He did outline that Ipswich has the same risk profile as Brisbane.

“As far as Ipswich City Council goes, we are working hand in hand with West Moreton Health to make sure we have pop-up clinics and support for our community and council staff.”

Mayor Harding reiterated the new Queensland Health restrictions on gathering and social distancing.

She said it was business as usual for restaurants and cafes, businesses and sporting organisations, as long as they had COVID Safe plans … “those things can still proceed as normal”.

Mayor Harding said there was a walk-in clinic at the Salvation Army premises in Coal Street, Bundamba.

Asked about the mood in Ipswich following news of more cases, the Mayor expressed concerns and voiced her support.

“There is fear. People are scared. But I need to let people know that we have got their backs,” she said.

“West Moreton Health and Queensland Health have ramped things up really quickly. I am really proud of the team here. Also council staff are helping with contact tracing and helping set up those extra pop-up clinics.

“To the people who have tested positive, my message to them is we have got your back. Thank you very much for coming forward and being tested, thank you for being very open and letting people know where you have been and when.

“As a community, we are tough and resilient in Ipswich. We will get through this together. We need to maintain our social distancing of 1.5m, we need people to wash their hands regularly and also if you have any symptoms, please get tested at one of the clinics and please wait 48 hours at home and self-isolate until you get those results.”

Mayor Harding said nothing in Ipswich had been cancelled or closed as yet.

She said council had been bracing for this since the first case came to health authorities’ attention and council had put its Local Disaster Management group into action.

“We are on the ground doing things now. And tomorrow, the executive leadership team and members of the LDMG will be meeting and on a daily basis while this pandemic is in our community.”

Mayor Harding urged people to get tested if they had flu like symptoms.

“Please self-isolate, please get tested, and please isolate yourself while you wait for your test results, and we thank you for coming forward.”

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