Ipswich Waste Services set for move to Riverview

Watch: time-lapse of new gantry crane installation

The operations of Ipswich Waste Services will soon relocate to Ipswich City Council’s main depot at Riverview.

In preparation for the move the existing vehicle workshop is being extended to accommodate service and maintenance of the waste trucks fleet.

The move will centralise the servicing of all council passenger vehicles, trucks and plant in the one location.

Ipswich City Council’s head of fleet Bryce Hines said by basing waste trucks at Riverview it would allow for a faster service turnaround later in the day.

“After the wheelie bins are emptied each day trucks can be serviced overnight ready for the next day’s runs,” he said.

“We will see less downtime and more efficient running of the entire fleet, including waste.”

Part of the $4.5 million improvement program at the ageing Riverview depot included a new eight bay shed constructed specifically to service waste trucks.

“It measures 30 metres by 29 metres with a height of 11.6 metres,” Bryce Hines said.

“The final stages of construction this week saw a 29 metre gantry crane carefully lifted into place on Monday.

“It will assist with maintenance by lifting bodies and hoppers from trucks for repairs.

“This precision operation was coordinated by council staff and the building contractor.

“It all went smoothly and according to plan with the gantry in its permanent location within two hours of arriving on site.”

For the technically minded here’s a few fast facts about the gantry crane.

• Single girder top running crane type
• 29 metre span
• 7.16 metres floor to underside of crane bridge
• 6.54 metre crane lift height
• 4 tonne lift capacity
• Radio controlled operation

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