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Ipswich’s must-try signature dishes

Whether you’re a steak and chips person, or a gourmet food connoisseur there’s signature dishes on this list to get your mouth watering.

Summer Land Camel Farm

Smashed avo

Summer Land Camel Farm have a delicious smashed avocado served on toasted sourdough featuring their Persian feta made with camel milk and topped with toasted pine nuts and lemon.  Follow it with a camel-chino cappuccino made with deliciously-creamy camel milk.


Homage Executive Chef Ash Martin has come up with a divine coal roasted pork collar, pork fat emulsion and Davidson plum dish to tempt the taste buds.

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The Cottage

One of The Cottage Restaurant’s most popular dishes continues to be their house-made linguine with seared scallops, crab meat, chili and olive oil.

Memories of India

Over at Memories of India you can taste an authentic Lamb Hyderabadi.  A dish from Hyderabad featuring slow cooked tender juicy lamb with spicy flavours of mustard and whole chilli.

Medium-rare chargrill and bar

For a great well-priced steak head over to the Medium-rare Chargrill and Bar for a 250g grain-fed rib fillet served with mash potato and seasonal vegetables; or beer battered chips and a garden fresh salad.

Bakehouse Steakhouse

For one of the best steaks in Ipswich drop by the Bakehouse Steakhouse and try their dry aged OP Rib on the Bone.  A massive 600g steak with a marble score above two, comes with endless fries and soft leaf salad with your choice of sauce.

Ungermann Brothers

Ungermann Brothers share Plates are back.  It all starts with a scoop of delicious lavender ice-cream sitting on a bed of honeycomb. Then Cheesecake flavour sitting atop Dutch shortbread followed by unique pumpkin seed ice-cream with a topping of salted caramel and cheese mousse.

Brookwater Golf and Country Club

Brookwater Golf and Country Club Executive Chef Shaun Hunt has created a mouth-watering char grilled chicken with crispy thyme potatoes, butter braised leeks and roasted carrot puree.

Ruby Chews

Burger High Teas are a specialty of Ruby Chews.  They come with sliders, onion rings, fries, chicken tenders, and frozen custard with your choice of two drinks.  Available Sundays.


At the Prince Alfred Hotel’s Char’d restaurant make sure you taste the garlic and herb buttered red claw crayfish.  It comes served on top of roasted root vegetables, with lemon wedges and salsa verde.  Delivered fresh from local farmers in Gympie.

Raw Energy Springfield

The chilli chicken quinoa bowl at Raw Energy Springfield is like having a warm hug of spice through chicken and quinoa.  The dish comes with roast veg and calming Labneh (hung yoghurt).

Ballistic Springfield Brewery, Bar and Kitchen

A must-try at Ballistic Springfield Brewery, Bar and Kitchen apart from the craft brews on tap, is the petite tender steak (300g) with mushroom, roasted roma tomato, onion rings, edamame and cheddar beer sauce – yum.

Brookwater Barista

One of Brookwater Barista’s signature main plates is the cured, hot, smoked salmon with dill and lemon hollandaise sauce.

Remedy Espresso Cafe

A must-try at Remedy Espresso Cafe is the keto and vegetarian brekky. Packed full of nutrition and flavour, it includes eggs and a selection of fresh vegetables, such as mushroom, tomato and zucchini.

Dancing Bean

Smashed avocado on sourdough bread with sundried tomato is one of Dancing Bean’s delicious signature dishes.

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