Major works bring new life to Ironpot Creek

Ironpot Creek has a solid future with a new phase of major works completed on the Pine Mountain waterway.

Environment and Sustainability Committee Chairperson Councillor Russell Milligan said Ironpot Creek has a history of being one of Ipswich’s most damaged creeks, with dispersive soils causing severe erosion to the banks, scouring of the creek bed and sediment washing downstream.

“Council completed Stage 1 works in 2019 to stabilise about 180 metres of Ironpot Creek with thousands of native plants and tonnes of rock,” Cr Milligan said.

“These plantings established very well and made an immense difference to the stability of the creek during the flood events of 2022.

“Now council has reached practical completion of Stage 2 in the Ironpot Creek upgrade, adding another 220 metres of restored waterway upstream.”

Erosion on the banks of Ironpot Creek before major works.

Native flora has been planted to stabilise the creek and reduce sediment downstream.

Division 4 Councillor Kate Kunzelmann said the Stage 2 works were a significant task, as in some places Ironpot Creek’s banks had eroded into vertical cliffs up to three metres high.

“About 400 cubic metres of soil was cut and relocated during the Stage 2 works, and about 80 metres of bank needed to be reshaped and stabilised,” Cr Kunzelmann said.

“About 27,000 plants and habitat features such as large tree stumps have been vital for stabilising the creek and returning it to a functioning natural waterway.

“The native plant species used in this project are especially effective in holding together Ironpot Creek’s dispersive soils and improving water quality.

“Three rock chutes have also been added in some sections of the channel to give extra protection from erosion and scour.”

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