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Meet your Division 2 Councillor: Deputy Mayor Nicole Jonic

Deputy Mayor Nicole Jonic (right) with Ipswich City Council CEO Sonia Cooper (left) at the swearing in of council for the new 2024-2028 term.

A political career was nowhere in Councillor Nicole Jonic’s thoughts in 2020, before a chance meeting with long-running Councillor Paul Tully put her on a path to council chambers.

The experienced accountant was focused on helping her local community through tax advocacy , when she met Cr Tully on a local issue.

At his suggestion that she run for council, Cr Jonic assumed a degree in law was required to quality as a candidate.

“He said, ‘you don’t need a law degree, if you’re wanting to do good things with the community to help people, you’re going to have a lot more opportunities in that role’,” Cr Jonic said.

“It was never part of my plan to be a councillor. It was just always part of my plan to help people through being a tax agent. I could see more opportunities to help people by being a councillor.”

A short time before the 2020 election, she nominated as a councillor candidate, and was successful.

Key Facts - Deputy Mayor Jonic
  • Deputy Mayor Jonic is a long-term Ipswich resident and together with her husband is raising their two children.
  • She holds a Public Practicing Licence as an accountant, and is a registered tax agent.
  • She previously operated her own Goodna-based accounting firm prior to her becoming a Councillor in 2020.
  • She is a member of the Institute of Public Accountants, a fellow of the Tax Institute of Australia, and former Queensland operations manager of a Queensland wide accounting firm.
  • Deputy Mayor Jonic is the Deputy Chairperson for Regional Development Australia, Ipswich West Moreton.
  • She holds an executive board position as Treasurer for Ipswich Turf Club Incorporated.

Switching from running a private consultancy to suddenly being responsible for a whole range of council programs, budgets and initiatives was a steep learning curve.

“There’s so many things that I’ve learned over the last four years,” Cr Jonic said.

“It was very frustrating coming from private enterprise to council, and coming to understand why things move at a different pace, and knowing that there’s still so many improvements and so many projects to be carried on and continued.”

Re-elected in 2024 to continue representing Division 2, Cr Jonic said she is now focused on working collaboratively with the new council.

Her focuses this term include greater attention to council’s finances and economic development, while prioritising strong community communication.

“Open and robust communication, and sharing all aspects of a decision that we can communicate – I want to communicate,” Cr Jonic said.

“It’s important so that people can build trust and feel connected. Making sure that we are operating as trustees for the ratepayers.”

The sheer scale of Division 2, with a population of around 70,494 residents sprawled across the suburbs of Springfield, means Cr Jonic works closely with the community to stay across local issues.

“I rely on the community to communicate with me or my office on issues as well,” she said.

“I don’t drive every road, every day, I don’t see everything. So I rely on my community to keep me informed as well.”

You’ve got to maintain access to the community so they can come on a journey with you.

Deputy Mayor Nicole Jonic

Division 2 Councillor, Ipswich City Council

Division 2 at a glance

Division 2 covers the eastern side of Ipswich including the suburbs of Springfield and is represented by Cr Paul Tully and Cr Nicole Jonic.

The division spans the suburbs of Augustine Heights, Bellbird Park, Brookwater, Camira, Carole Park, Gailes, Goodna, Spring Mountain, Springfield, Springfield Central, Springfield Lakes and Redbank.

With a population of around 70,494, the boundary contains several well-established suburbs and areas of growth to the south.

Ipswich City Council 2024-2028 Mayor and Councillors at the swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday, 2 April 2024.

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