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Mum’s unique approach to remembering everything she wants her children to know

Not only does West Moreton Health’s Acting Director of Research and Innovation Dr Rachelle Pitt conduct ground breaking research at work, she is also an innovative mother of four boys and has come up with a clever way to connect with her children into the future.

“I find one thing every day that makes me happy and I write about it,” Dr Pitt said.

She then posts her happy moment on Facebook with a photo.

Dr Pitt has found a very clever way to connect with her children into the future.

“If it’s something really special, I email it to my children. When they were born I set up an email address for each of them and they can read it when they turn 18,” she said.

“Some days you just need a reminder, so I will read it too.”

As a researcher at West Moreton Health, Dr Pitt’s role is to ensure patients get the right care at the right time. Her goal is to find ways to reduce the burden of chronic conditions on our community.

“A lot of my work is talking to patients and finding out what their experiences with the health care system are. Finding out what support they may need and working out how we can make the experience better for them,” Dr Pitt said.

“For example we have the MeCare Program in place, which allows patients to receive mobile care at home to manage their condition, keeping them out of hospital.

“I look at that and research to see if it is effective and if so, how else can I scale it up to offer it to patients for a broader range of conditions. It can be hard for people to get into hospitals for so many reasons, so bringing care to them through technology, that can make a big difference in their life.”

It’s a favourite saying that brought Dr Pitt to West Moreton Health where her passion for addressing health issues impacting the community, including mental health and chronic conditions such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes, is matched by the drive of clinical staff to carry out investigations that will improve health outcomes.

“There’s a quote that says, ‘you should always stay where there is the most opportunity’, and I think the most opportunity is here,” Dr Pitt said.

“What’s exciting here with the population growth, is it’s unprecedented.

“We really want to improve the health of the whole community and here, all of these things are coming together at exactly the right time.”

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