New Ipswich rail corridor on track with Canberra visit

A recent delegation to Canberra to meet with key government stakeholders to discuss the vital Ipswich to Springfield Central Public Transport Corridor (I2S) was well received.

Deputy Mayor and Division 1 Councillor Jacob Madsen said the delegation included representatives from council, Sekisui House, Multicultural Australia and Ipswich Show Society, and advocated for federal support and investment for the rail corridor at Springfield to expand and connect to Ipswich Central.

“Councillor Ireland and I travelled with the delegation to our nation’s capital to help raise the profile and awareness of our city’s most critical infrastructure project, the Ipswich to Springfield Central Public Transport Corridor,” Cr Madsen said.

“The benefit of a mass transport solution such as rail to our local government area would be taking the strain off our local road network as our city rapidly expands.

“In conjunction with key local stakeholders, we highlighted the genuine social and economic benefits this project would deliver to Ipswich residents, particularly those from our most culturally diverse and lower socio-economic communities with limited access to public transport.

“By 2041 Ipswich expects to welcome 296,000 new residents, with around 70 per cent of growth to occur between Ipswich, Ripley and Springfield, making I2S vital to keeping our city moving.

“The I2S corridor would link the city’s two population centres through the fast-growing suburbs of Ripley, Redbank Plains and Deebing Heights, avoiding forecast congestion costs of more than $1 billion.

“Councillor Ireland and I greatly valued the support of The Honourable Milton Dick MP and The Honourable Shayne Neumann MP who provided excellent support to make the trip logistically possible.”

The Ipswich to Springfield Central Public Transport Corridor (I2S Corridor) is a designated public transport corridor traversing residential expansion areas of Ripley and Redbank Plains.

Division 1 Councillor Sheila Ireland said council is committed to further briefings in Canberra and will continue to advocate for federal government investment in essential infrastructure projects for Ipswich.

“It was great to start the advocacy journey with our Canberra counterparts towards the medium-term project delivery funding for I2S and we thanked the federal government for last year’s SEQ City Deal that will help get the project construction-ready,” Cr Ireland said.

“The proposed 25-kilometre public transport corridor will provide significant social, economic and environmental benefits, especially in suburbs growing with young families that have limited access to public transport such as Redbank Plains.

“Funding is in place to continue planning, but it is critical council does everything we can over the next few years to keep build momentum until we see construction finally commence.”

The next stage of delivery for I2S is the Options Analysis and then a Detailed Business Case, which will get the project shovel-ready.

I2S has been recognised by Infrastructure Australia and is on its list of investments ready for delivery and nationally significant priorities for Australia’s governments to progress in the near, medium and longer term.

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