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New suburban clinic connecting mothers-to-be with midwives

Pregnant mothers in the Redbank Plains area now have access to a local antenatal service at the Redbank Plains Community Centre.

The new clinic is connecting mums and their bubs with experienced midwives close to home.

Second time mum Samantha Atkins always looks forward to the chance to hear her baby’s heartbeat (listen to the audio above).

“This is the first time I have come here and I will definitely keep coming here, it’s a more comfortable place for pregnant mums to go,” she said.

“There is more space, not as many people and it’s essentially outside.”

Redbank Plains woman Rachel Mulder is pregnant with her first child.

Ms Mulder said the new clinic opened just in time for her to access her all her antenatal appointments minutes from her home.

“It is really reassuring to have a midwife so close for guidance and support and this saves me a trip to Ipswich or Goodna,’’ she said.

West Moreton Health’s Women, Children and Family Nursing Director Lyn Barrett said the launch followed the introduction of similar services in Goodna and South Ripley during the past 12 months.

“Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life where access to quality care and support is so important to the health of both mother and child,’’ Ms Barrett said.

“The expansion of antenatal services within the community means families have more choice and greater access to quality care either in their own neighbourhood or close by.

“After an initial consult at Ipswich Hospital, women with low risk pregnancies will be given the option to continue their antenatal care at Ipswich, or attend one of the community clinics in Goodna, South Ripley and now Redbank Plains.

“Midwives are privileged to be part of a very special journey during pregnancy and motherhood and we know that women really benefit from seeing the same familiar faces throughout their antenatal care.

“That’s one of the rewards of the community clinics which promote a very relaxed, personalised environment.”

Ipswich Hospital midwife Daisy Edmanson said being able to support women holistically in the community close to their homes and being able to see them throughout the journey of their pregnancy is a really beautiful thing.

“Also being able to provide support postnataly through the child health clinic is really lovely. Queensland Health and West Moreton are doing great things out here in Ipswich,” she said.

Last financial year more than 2,600 newborns were delivered at Ipswich Hospital.

On average, about 60 women access one of the community clinics each month, and about 270 women receive antenatal care at the Maternity Day Assessment Unit at Ipswich Hospital each month.

The Redbank Plains antenatal clinic operates every Thursday.

For more information about antenatal services available at West Moreton Health phone the
Ipswich Hospital antenatal clinic on 3810 1176.

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