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Nicholas St update: Focus on ground floor and level one of new admin building

The focus for crews building the new council administration centre in the Nicholas St precinct in Ipswich Central is now firmly on ground floor and level one.

Over the past week, Hutchinson Builders have been busy finishing the basement levels.

The basement level is now sealed off from view, with concrete pours for the ground floor taking place this week along with installation of precast walls.

The steel frame for the library building is now completed with crews working to install the wall framing and external fascia as well as setting up the area for external glazing works.

In ceiling works, where crews will install the electricity, air conditioning and fire systems, are also under way.

Concrete for planter boxes out the front of the library has now been poured.

In the civic plaza space, crews are continuing work on installing the pipes for the zero-depth water play area.

They are also working on the installation of a fire escape corridor off the stairwell as well as waterproofing the entire public space to help minimise leakage of rainwater into the car park.

About 140 workers are currently on site across the redevelopment.

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