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Nicholas St update: Rain delays as new building core continues to climb

The Nicholas St redevelopment site, with the administration building core.

It’s been a wet week for crews working on the Nicholas St redevelopment in Ipswich Central.

About 120 people are currently working on site.

In the past week or so, the core system for the new council administration has climbed to between levels two and three.

Despite the brief delays caused by rain, the overall program remains on schedule.

The main focuses for crews in the past week have been:

  • Pouring the concrete which will make up the foundations of the future civic plaza and deck bar.
  • Installing the library’s new roof frame and guttering.
  • Installing the library’s bracing walls – designed to minimise the building’s movement.
  • The new lifts and stairwells which will connect these new spaces to the car park.

Roof construction in progress on the new library.

There will be some changes to car parking in coming weeks.

From 1 March, the Ipswich Central car park’s new operating hours will be 5.30am to 10pm, seven days a week.

There are exciting things happening in the precinct beyond construction, with planning for a Future Flavour Food Fair on 29 February now well advanced.

The event will include food trucks and live music, with some stores to also open. Check out the Nicholas St Ipswich Central Facebook page for more info and updates.

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Construction of the shear walls in progress.

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