Now that’s a truck wash!

New supersized truck wash for council fleet
A new three bay truck wash was officially opened this month at Ipswich City Council’s Riverview depot.

On the test run a parade of utes, tractors, truck and dog and a waste truck were run through the brand new fully covered facility as it was put it through its paces.

Each bay has a gerni on either side, with a curtain rail system allowing the hose to be pulled along the walls – no more getting hoses tangled and stuck under tyres.

Turning the nozzle one direction provides low pressure water and soap, and turning it the opposite direction provides high pressure hot water.

Not only did the set-up greatly reduce the time it takes to wash vehicles, the undercover bays were able to fit every size of vehicle.

The truck wash is the last of the major upgrades at council’s Riverview depot as part of the preparations for the future relocation of Briggs Road depot in February 2019.

The plan to centralise council’s depots is about more than physical upgrades and a relocation.

By co-locating of staff and services will allow for greater integration and collaboration across departments and teams.

Importantly, moving to an integrated depot has benefits for staff including updated facilities and workspaces, increased job-skilling and job rotation opportunities and a greater ability to share resources to improve operational effectiveness.

     Truck wash fast facts:

  • Each bay is 18m x 6m with a minimum clearance of 5.7m
  • Individual LED lighting and power in each bay
  • Separate pre-wash area for heavy soiled vehicles
  • 3000psi water pressure at 90 degrees celsius
  • 1000 litre truck wash soap capacity
  • System has inbuilt oil separator


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