Picture Ipswich celebrates 150 years of Ipswich Show with stunning images

Picture Ipswich, the leading online platform for showcasing the rich heritage and history of Ipswich, is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Ipswich Show with its latest collection.

The Ipswich Show has been a beloved annual event in the region since 1873, attracting thousands of visitors across the decades.

To mark the milestone, Picture Ipswich has curated a special collection of images that captures the essence of this iconic event.

Mary O’Brien, Catherine O’Brien, Winifred Kerwin and Frances Kerwin at the Ipswich Show in the 1940s. Photo courtesy Picture Ipswich.

The images feature Ipswich Show display stands, activities and show-goers across the years in all their timeless glory.

“We are delighted to celebrate the Ipswich Show with our latest collection of images,” Community, Culture, Arts and Sport Committee Chairperson Councillor Andrew Fechner said.

“The Ipswich Show is a much-loved event in the region and council is proud to showcase its history and heritage through the Picture Ipswich platform.”

The images are available to view on Picture Ipswich and those who would like to reminisce further can also add their own recollections to the site.

To find out how, visit here.

Audience watching demonstration of Perkins Engines at Ipswich Show by Modern Motors Pty Ltd c1950 – photo courtesy Whitehead Family.

“We hope these images will bring back fond memories for those who have attended the Ipswich Show in the past and inspire those who are yet to experience this iconic event,” Cr Fechner said.

For more information about Picture Ipswich and its extensive collection of images, audio and video, visit the website or follow @pictureipswichlibraires

Check out the Ipswich Show collection here.

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