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A postcard from Rosewood: Sisters living the dream

Two sisters who grew up on a sheep station held a dream for as long as they both can remember.
To own a business together.
Fast forward half a century and today Pam McEwin and Gail Roworth are living their dream as co owners of the Rosewood Post Office.
It took them until after retirement to fulfil their dream, as their lives took them in different directions.

Gail has a background in finance and her career took her all over Australia and the world.

She was working in Sydney and decided the fast paced city life was no longer for her and she yearned for a quieter lifestyle closer to family.

Pam had retired and was living up in Toowoomba after having raised a family and following her husband’s career all over Australia and overseas as well.

Pam and Gail were chatting on the phone when Pam suggested ‘why don’t we give that business idea a go?’

The post office sits in the heart of Rosewood in a federation era building that was originally the Marburg Post Office. It was relocated to Rosewood in 1941. A large Hill’s Fig tree stands out the front.

For the past 9 years the sisters have built up their post office business with all kinds of additional services like banking, but the most obvious drawcard, when you talk to them, would be the sisters themselves.

You can always be guaranteed a laugh when you spend time at the counter.

“People ask if we are sisters,” Pam said.

“Gail says I’m adopted. I tell her you’ll regret saying that when your real family turns up.”

Gail adds with a chuckle “We have never worked together before and we probably won’t again”.

“It actually works well. We have complementary skills.”

When all else fails they bring out rock, paper and scissors to sort out any decisions they can’t agree on.

The sisters love animals and they don’t mind if people bring them in. One of their employee’s, Ron, brings his dog Spud in two days a week.

“He gets paid 10c a day and lots of schmackos. He knows exactly what time the billy should go on and barks and scratches at the kitchen door if it’s not.

“He even has playdates. There is a lady who comes to town with her poodle, Payton. She can’t go past the post office without going in or little Payton pulls and tugs until she does,” Pam said.

Gail and Pam credit the citizens of Rosewood for their success.

“We have the most incredible customers and it really is the most beautiful little community,” Pam said.

The sisters provide the service you would expect in a small country town that has perhaps died out in the city.

Although sometimes they find people think the post office does everything and they have had some odd requests.

“A lady called and wanted me to go out on my tractor to get her son because he is bogged on their property,” Gail said.

“I said – What tractor?”

After explaining they in fact did not have a tractor, Gail gave the lady the name of the towing service next door.

Pam and Gail never imaged they might be spending their retirement running a post office together in a small country town.

Pam’s children think it is particularly funny after a long running jibe she used on the kids when they refused to do their homework.

Pam would say to them – “If you don’t do your homework, you’ll end up behind the post office counter licking stamps.”

Pam denies all knowledge of this but her children insist that it is true and like it give her a good ribbing about it whenever possible.

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