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Progress on council’s largest ever road upgrade

The completion of a new signalised intersection at Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial marked a major milestone in delivery of the Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial Duplication Project.

The upgrade of Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial in Springfield Central is the largest road upgrade in council’s history, duplicating both roads from two to four lanes to meet increasing growth.

Here, council shares an update on progress across all three stages of the project.


Stage 1: Complete

Springfield Parkway – Hymba Yumba Independent School to Centenary Highway, and Springfield Greenbank Arterial – Springfield Parkway to Eden Station Drive

  • Widening the road to duplicate the length of this section from two to four lanes
  • Upgrading the Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial roundabout to a signalised intersection. The traffic signals accommodate pedestrian movements and include a U-turn facility
  • Constructing on-road, two-metre cycle lanes in both directions
  • A three-metre-wide shared pathway for pedestrians and cyclists
  • A retaining wall near the Escarpment estate on Springfield Parkway
  • Bridge duplication over Opossum Creek.

Project Update

With Stage 1 construction now complete, the team is working to maintain vegetation along the route. Extreme heat, over 400mm of rainfall and storms in recent months have presented some challenges for the team which they are working through to ensure the landscaping takes to the new environment and thrives.

Landscaping for Stage 1 along Springfield Greenbank Arterial (Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial Duplication Project)

The new lanes on Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial are flowing well and managing over 20,000 vehicles per weekday. This upgrade is vitally important to improving safety and making travel easier for the growing Springfield community.

The Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial roundabout has been upgraded to a signalised intersection to improve traffic flow.

The team’s focus now turns to completing Stage 3 and progressing Stage 2.

Stage 2: In Design

Springfield Parkway from Topaz Road to just north of the Hymba Yumba Independent School

  • Widening the road to duplicate the length of this section from two to four lanes
  • Upgrading the roundabout at Springfield Parkway/Topaz Road/Woodcrest Way to a signalised intersection
  • Road widening, pavement works and new line marking on the Springfield College Drive and Bridgewater Road approaches to the roundabout on Springfield Parkway to allow for two lanes of traffic
  • On-road, two-metre cycle lanes in both directions
  • A three-metre-wide shared pathway for pedestrians and cyclists.

Project Update

Early work started in December with the extension of 3.6m culvert beside Hymba Yumba Independent School. While substantial early progress was made, there were some delays due to ongoing rain and storms. The overall delivery program for the drainage remains on track.

Constructing effective stormwater drainage networks for the duplication project while maintaining the current network during the Queensland storm season has been a challenge. The project team is committed to ensuring the highest quality innovative network is constructed across the project and adjacent to the school, while maintaining sensitive ecological areas.

Drainage culvert beside Hymba Yumba Independent School, Stage 2 of Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial Duplication Project, experiencing heavy rain during construction.

Once the culvert works are complete, Stage 2 will get underway in 2024-2025 including service relocations, civil construction, stormwater, footpaths, lighting, street signage, line marking and road pavement rehabilitation.

Service Relocations:

  • Energex HV
  • Urban Utilities Watermain realignment
  • APA Gas realignment and upgrade
  • Communications upgrade including Telstra, NBN, TPG and Optus.

Civil Construction:

  • Duplication of Springfield Parkway from Topaz Road connecting to Stage 1 just past Bridgewater Road roundabout
  • Minor, selective vegetation clearing
  • Earthworks
  • Stormwater drainage and kerb and channel
  • Road pavement construction and rehabilitation
  • Footpath, lighting and street signage
  • Landscaping.

Stage 3: Under Construction

Springfield Greenbank Arterial from Eden Station Drive to Sinnathamby Boulevard

  • Widening the road to include a total of four lanes
  • Upgrading the roundabout at Springfield Greenbank Arterial/Main Street/Centenary Highway Exit 32 off-ramp to a signalised intersection
  • New entry and exit points at the existing Springfield Central train station carpark
  • On-road, two-metre cycle lanes in both directions
  • Shared pathways for pedestrians and cycles

Project Update

Significant rainfall and storm activity over the past few months has impacted vegetation and landscaping, including the flooding of Mountain Creek.

Flooding at Mountain Creek near Springfield Central park ‘n’ ride.

The team is working to restore certain plants that were damaged and stay on top of the weeding and mowing within the construction corridor. Despite recent weather the crews have progressed electrical, stormwater drainage networks and new Park’n’Ride entry pavements.


Sustainability has been front of mind for the team who have utilised existing materials and implemented innovative environmental controls. Core logs were used in the bottom of the rock embankment to minimise silt washing onto the pavement and into drainage and waterways. This is a key environmental management feature of the off ramp and across Stage 3 of the project.

Resources and Materials

A significant amount of resources and materials are being used across Stage 3. Road construction enables services to be created or upgraded at the same time that can be utilised well into the future, supporting the population growth of the region. Constructing in a busy activity centre with major shopping, business, education and public transport is providing numerous challenges especially with the number of people that pass through Stage 3 each day.

At the peak of Stage 3 construction, the team is progressing with the installation and construction of:

  • More than 1,400m of stormwater pipes
  • More than 3,500m of kerbing
  • Nearly 2,000m of footpath network
  • 3,700m of telecommunication network
  • More than 34,000m3 of excavation
  • More than 10,000 tonnes of asphalt
  • 36,000 landscaped plants.

Springfield Central Eastern Car Park

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has commenced works to reconfigure and reopen the Queensland Rail carpark east of Springfield Central station. The carpark, located at the southern end of the Brisbane Lions facility, will remain closed while construction activities are undertaken. Work is expected to be complete by mid-2024, construction and weather conditions permitting.

Works required to reopen the carpark include the installation of new asphalt, concreting edging, new lighting, and line marking. TMR has engaged BMD Construction, who are currently undertaking Stage 3. When reopened, the eastern carpark will complement the parking facilities already available within the Springfield Central train station precinct.

Stage 3 – Eastern car park reconfiguration at Springfield Central station

The opening of the multi-storey park ‘n’ ride off Springfield Greenbank Arterial in April 2022 increased the number of spaces around the train station precinct to around 1,100. The Queensland Government committed $44.5 million to construction of the multi-storey facility, which features elevators, additional accessible parking spaces close to the station and greater security through CCTV and lighting. For more information on the eastern carpark reconfiguration works, contact TMR by calling 3066 4338 or emailing

Centenary Motorway

Construction activity behind and adjacent to the Exit 32 off-ramp is progressing well, with watermain works, stormwater, electrical and landscaping nearing completion. The large watermain pit, all underground utility connections and drainage networks will be commissioned and futureproofed prior to final asphalting.

Stage 3 – Pipe laying towards Exit 32 off ramp

The upgraded off-ramp will provide two through lanes and two left-turning lanes on the approach to Springfield Greenbank Arterial Road. Adding more lane options will manage congestion and improve traffic flow and safety. At the intersection, the existing right-turning movement will be removed to optimise performance of the signalised intersection, improve reliability in travel times, and enhance safety for all road users.

This project is jointly funded by council and the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS).

This section of Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial Road is within, or borders, Division 2.

Ipswich City Council is operating under caretaker provisions in accordance with Chapter 3, Part 5 of the Local Government Act 2009. Media communications by the Mayor and Councillors as ICC spokespeople during this time are limited to ensure compliance with legislation and, equity and transparency between existing Mayor, Councillors and candidates regarding access to Council resources.

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