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Real-time Ipswich flood cameras at fingertips of residents

Local Disaster Management Group Deputy Chairperson Cr Kate Kunzelmann with Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding and Deputy Chairperson Cr Russell Milligan at the Deebing Creek flood camera.

Council has installed four CCTV cameras across the city to give residents instant access to view rising flood waters with another six to be installed in coming weeks.

Local Disaster Management Group Chair Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said the new Flood Monitoring CCTV Network will update every 15 minutes on the Ipswich Disaster Dashboard to allow residents to check water levels across the city.

“By simply logging on to the Disaster Dashboard, residents can select a camera and check the height of flood waters and see for themselves what roads or bridges may be closed,” Mayor Harding said.

“This will enable them to make decisions about proposed travel and not place themselves in risky situations where water may be blocking access.”

The newly-installed flood camera overlooking Deebing Creek in Raceview.

Local Disaster Management Group Deputy Chairperson Councillor Kate Kunzelmann said the vision captured by the cameras is also useful for local authorities.

“While the priority is keeping residents up to date, flood water levels also provide timely information to council and local emergency services like the SES,” Cr Kunzelmann said.

Local Disaster Management Group Deputy Chairperson Councillor Russell Milligan said the cameras will go a long way in keeping people safe during flood events.

“By having direct access to known flood spots, residents can see for themselves if usual access is flooded and choose an alternative route,” Cr Milligan said.

The four cameras have been installed at the following locations:

  • Goodna Boat Ramp, Brisbane River – 123 Brisbane Terrace Goodna
  • Warwick Road Bridge, Deebing Creek – 128 Warwick Road, Raceview
  • Rosewood Warrill View Road Spressers Bridge, Bremer River – Rosewood Warrill View Road, Rosewood
  • Rosewood Warrill View Road Bridge, Western Creek – Rosewood Warrill View Road, Rosewood

Council is looking to install six more cameras at the following sites (depending on the suitability of conditions and available funding):

  • Junction Road, Karalee
  • Seven Mile Bridge
  • Brisbane Road, Bundamba
  • Leichhardt Bridge, Little One Mile
  • Brisbane Terrace (bridge/culvert near Goodna pool)
  • Corner of Mill and Parker Street, facing east

This would give the city a total of 10 cameras to be better prepared during those times of extreme rain and severe weather.

To access the live feed from the flood cameras visit

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