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Seniors concert group on track for musical success

The Ipswich Seniors Concert Group are dusting off their dancing shoes and practising their scales for their lively new show, Music and Mayhem on the Marburg Express.

The story follows a group of friends who take an express steam train trip along the Ipswich-Rosewood railway line, and encounter some communication mix-ups along the way.

Director Tony Barnes says that while most of the cast are in their seventies or eighties, they have just as much energy as those half their age.

“They may not be spring chickens, but they do surprisingly well.

“They’re up dancing, singing, doing the Charleston. They’re really great performers, and they can move,” he said.

Many of the performers have been part of the group since 2002, when the Seniors Concert group began.

There’s also a lot of talent on show behind the scenes, with members of the group sewing dazzling flapper inspired costumes, and working on stage design. 

Going back in time: The opening ceremony of the first train to Marburg from Rosewood in January, 1912
Courtesy: Picture Ipswich

The impressive set, which features a full scale railway carriage, was designed and built by concert group members Chris White and George Bould.

The play was written by scriptwriter Jan White, with lots of local references which celebrate Ipswich’s proud rail history.

“It mentions all the stations around the place and all the development, so there’s lots of fun links for people who have been here for years,” Mr Barnes said.  

“There’s also lots of great upbeat songs and one we’ve written especially for the show, called Mayhem Boogie, which is lots of fun.”

Music and Mayhem on the Marburg Express is a production by the Ipswich Seniors Concert Group at the Ipswich Civic Centre on

Tuesday 16 April at 10am and 1pm

Tickets are $10 

Book here 

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