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The Whitlams’ Tim Freedman to play Ipswich this Sunday

Tim Freedman. Photo by Scott Gelston.

Ipswich audiences will be among the first to hear The Whitlams’ first new single in 14 years when Tim Freedman brings his solo tour to the city on 13 December.

He will play The Whitlams’ new single Ballad of Bertie Kidd, a six minute crime caper that describes a little known escapade in the long career of one of Australia’s most notorious criminals.

Bertie Kidd is well-known in the Australian underworld. He was released from jail two years ago and won a case against the Australian Government to avoid deportation to England.

 As the song begins, Freedman is cornered by a Rabbitohs fan at the pub who relates a tale that only the patron saint of hapless criminals could have dreamt up.

His confidante reveals the tale of four blokes in 1988 who put their balaclavas on too early en route to an art gallery heist.

Looking rather suspicious in their stolen Sigma, they are spotted by the cops, and thwarted in their ambition to possess a fine collection of Pro Hart and Ken Done masterpieces.

The Whitlams’ 2020 national tour sold out multiple shows soon after going on sale, and all dates have been rescheduled to August and September 2021.

The time off has allowed the band to write a new album, due for release in mid-2021.

In the meantime, Freedman is undertaking a rare solo tour.

Freedman will settle in with his piano to tell tales, reinvent classics like Blow Up the Pokies and No Aphrodisiac and play some tracks from The Whitlams’ forthcoming album.

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