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Time lapse reveals pace of change in Nicholas St precinct

A fresh look for Nicholas St is starting to emerge with crews laying the first lot of new pavers as part of the precinct’s redevelopment.

Work in recent months has focused on the construction of kerb and channel to allow for a section of Nicholas St formerly used as a mall to be reopened as a low-speed, one-way street.

Crews have now turned their attention to putting down pavers in the streetscape as well as installing concrete seating, lighting and trees.

It is just the tip of the iceberg however when it comes to activity taking place on site.

The first concrete slab for the new library has been poured following the removal of old steel framework, with second and third pours to follow.

Micro-piles to support the lift and stair core of the new library have also been completed along with formwork to allow for a concrete slab to be poured into the opening left by the removal of the old mall travelator.

Work is being carried out to create the lift and stair core for the new council administration building.

Crews pour the first slab for the new library.

Other work currently being done on this part of the project includes detailed excavation for footings and pile trimming, installation of in-ground drainage and structural reinforcement.

The number of workers across the redevelopment site is now up to 65 and will continue to grow in the weeks and months ahead.

Business within the Nicholas St precinct remain open for business.

Formwork in preparation to fill the travelator void.

Work on the lift and stair core for the council administration building.

Concrete seating installed along Nicholas Street.

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