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Watch out for wildlife during breeding season

Everything from birds to snakes are now more active as they seek to breed in Spring.

Romance is in the air for many native animal species – so it’s important for humans to be mindful of increased animal activity in Spring.

Environment and Sustainability Committee Chairperson Deputy Mayor Russell Milligan said it was a time of year where everything from birds to snakes were active as they seek to breed the next generation.

“We do need to co-exist with wildlife, and in Spring we need to take care in places where animal encounters are likely, such as around roads and bushland areas,” Deputy Mayor Milligan said.

“Council has installed some ‘living alongside wildlife’ signage at hotspot locations across Ipswich, however it’s important to remember wildlife can turn up anywhere, anytime.”

Deputy Mayor Milligan said one way residents could proactively support urban wildlife would be to participate in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count, which runs from 16 to 22 October.

“By simply spending 20 minutes outdoors and recording the birds you see, you are providing essential data for understanding trends in urban biodiversity – birds are a barometer for nature,” Deputy Mayor Milligan said.

“Council is supporting the Aussie Backyard Bird Count and encourages everyone to take part by going to”

Deputy Mayor Milligan said Ipswich was fortunate to have bushland corridors across the city, even into the CBD, which made interactions with wildlife more possible.

“Native wildlife is protected under State legislation, so it is important not to interfere with or harm any wildlife,” Deputy Mayor Milligan said.

“With the weather warming up, you can support wildlife by leaving bowls of fresh, cool water in sheltered places safe from predators. However it is important not to feed wildlife as it can negatively affect their health and behaviour.”

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