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What could the future look like if we embraced the best solutions available today?

Award-winning director Damon Gameau is the guy from That Sugar Film and you can hear him speak for free at the Sustainable Ipswich Week’s EnviroForum.

His latest documentary, 2040, came about after he started wondering what world his four-year-old daughter will inherit when she becomes an adult.

Damon explores what the future could look like by the year 2040 if we embraced the best sustainability solutions available today to improve our natural planet.

Structured as a visual letter to his daughter Velvet, 2040, explores the science behind the work being done in energy, food and transport.

The film maker will be visiting Ipswich on Thursday, 22 August to talk about the documentary for Sustainable Ipswich Week.

A free viewing of the film will be on Friday, 23 August, at the Barry Jones Auditorium. Register here.

Ipswich First asked Damon some questions about sustainability

What is fact based dreaming?

Everything I show my daughter in the film 2040 has to already exist today in some form. I don’t want the film to be a utopian fantasy.

I call it fact based dreaming because it simply takes the solutions that we already have available today and extrapolates their impact by 2040 if they were shifted into the mainstream.

What steps can people take on a daily basis to make a difference?

I don’t think being prescriptive works, people need to find the thing that really lights them up and that they are passionate about.

It could be energy, agriculture, girl’s education etc.

At our website we have developed a personalised climate action plan where you can fill in your details and information and we will give you six or seven things you can do based on your passions.

What is one of the big things (climate solutions already invented) right now that could have enormous benefits?

Regenerative agriculture can sequester enormous amounts of carbon into the soil and seaweed is the fastest growing organism on the planet, it can grow up to half a metre a day.

This means it is also a turbo charged sequester of carbon.

Scientists are currently looking at deploying huge seaweed forests out a sea that create habitats for fish populations.

How do you get people to connect with this topic of helping our planet and ecology?

There are lots of places. Many people have joined our 2040: the regenerators’ Facebook page to ask questions and get involved.

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