$1 million upgrade of Ipswich street delivers smoother ride

Doyle Street in Silkstone has been upgraded as part of Ipswich City Council’s citywide kerb and channel rehabilitation program.

Division 3 Councillor Marnie Doyle said the upgrade of kerb and channel in Doyle Street started in July this year.

“The Silkstone upgrade has improved the kerb and channel in Doyle Street between Auld and Russell Streets, and it’s great to see that this $1.176 million project has been completed on time,” Cr Doyle said.

“Council’s kerb and channel program is intended to ensure the city’s established suburban roads are not left behind.”

Cr Doyle, whose 2021 notice of motion to council called for expedited kerb and channel works across Ipswich’s older suburbs, said council had taken community need into consideration when designing the important, city-wide program.

“I am pleased that council’s kerb and channel program prioritises much-needed rehabilitation works in our city’s older suburbs,” Cr Doyle said.

“As Ipswich grows, we want our city to grow together with timely construction and rehabilitation work on roads, kerbs and gutters right across the city.”

Division 3 Councillor Andrew Fechner said the suburban kerb and channel network is an essential city infrastructure asset and crucial to better manage flash flooding.

“Council has committed $78 million to be spent on maintaining, upgrading and expanding our road network over the next three years,” Cr Fechner said.

“The renewal of essential infrastructure, including kerb and channelling, is vital to make sure the Ipswich urban road network is maintained and fit-for-purpose.

“The rehabilitation of Doyle Street means better roads for residents and improved drainage by directing stormwater from the road into the underground drainage network.

“This was a large project which caused some unavoidable disruption to traffic flow and pedestrian access but it is great for residents using this new road now completed.”

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