Author: Jodie Richter

Connecting rural women one scone at a time

In an old, well-kept wooden hall in the main street of Rosewood, 10 ladies are causing a bit of a ruckus. It’s their monthly Country Women’s Association (CWA) meeting and at times their laughter bounces off the pressed metal ceiling. At other times a heated discussion rebounds from the freshly painted tongue and groove walls. The kitchen is spotless and inside the fridge sits a huge bowl of freshly whipped cream. The kettle is on and the cakes are sliced. President Florence Hopper looks like she would blow over in a stiff wind, but when she stands and rings the...

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Art empowers African students who now call Ipswich home

Helen John, 15, Harmony Art Collective ambassador Fintan Magee, Shafi Amza, 15, and Kadiat Kaday Tarawally, 16, take part in the design and painting of a giant mural at Springfield Lakes Community Centre. Art workshops are under way in local communities across Australia ahead of Harmony Day on 21 March. Twenty-five students from Redbank Plains State High School have shared their stories, starting a discussion around their experiences and creating a collaborative artwork at the same time. Redbank Plains State High School student Shafi Amza noticed plenty of differences when he moved from Congo to Australia three years ago. However, the biggest difference...

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Colourful collection of workshops’ foreigners uncovers hidden history of crafty characters

Queensland Museum Curator, Transport David Hampton, sat down with Ipswich First to discuss The Workshops Rail Museum’s collection of ‘foreigners’. The definition of ‘foreigner’ in the English Oxford Living Dictionary is: “British informal – A piece of work done for private gain without an employer’s permission or without declaration to the relevant authorities”. Throughout Australia, the term for a foreigner varies. They are also known as foreigny, foreignies, foreign order and ‘take home fringe benefits’. The men working at the workshops were highly skilled and equally creative. Given a lot of their work was repetitive, it was a way...

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Meet One of Ipswich’s Newest RAAF Families

Sergeant Richard ‘Red’ Lindeman, his wife Sarah and three adorable children Henry, 4, Maeve, 3, and Edward, 6 months moved to the area after Sgt Lindeman was posted to RAAF Base Amberley. The family’s previous post was at RAAF Base Williamtown, near Newcastle, and Mrs Lindeman said making the move north had been a steep learning curve. “I met Richard in Newcastle so it’s the first time we have had to move since we had our children,” she said. “The ADF look after you in terms of moving and posting, they try to make it as stress free as...

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Mix and Merge at Deb Chilton’s Melting Pot

Deb Chilton with handmade Danni Dare. “He is my favourite because he’s different on purpose,” she said. Ipswich artist Deb Chilton, has a new solo exhibition, Melting Pot, showing at Drawing Point Gallery at Ipswich Arttime Supplies. It is Ms Chilton’s first exhibition of handmade and painted dolls and has a powerful message at its core. “I chose to not give faces to some of the dolls, this represents the voiceless, like those living with disabilities,” she said. Ms Chilton has found her art has helped her advocate for others who are seen as different.  As someone living with...

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Resistance is Futile, These Kids Will Melt Your Heart

Video: Facebook Students from Ipswich West State Special School have shown they are anything but just another brick in the wall, after getting a call up to perform with English rock legend Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame. Roger Waters played two shows at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre as part of his world tour Us + Them. But it wasn’t just the music legend and familiar songs that the crowd was going wild for. Enter 12 school children from Ipswich West State Special School. With heads bowed, their faces hidden by hoods, the flashing lights dart around stage as...

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Lollipop, Lollipop, oh lolli lolli lolli

Goodna resident June Young, 68, has been a lollipop lady for over 23 years. She spins the giant lollipop sign outside St Francis Xavier Primary School at Goodna. Parent Jacob Adams describes June as ‘part of the woodwork’ at the school. “June is always dependable, reliable and loves to talk to everyone,” he said. Ms Young was recently awarded with a City of Ipswich Medallion for her contribution. “I still get enjoyment from seeing the same faces every day and the big smiles I get from them. One little boy has just learned how to blow me a kiss,” Ms...

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Ipswich’s Oldest Tree Has Some Very Long Roots

There is a gum tree on the river bank at Calvert that is about 468 years old. The tree is believed to be self-sown in around 1550, predating European settlement by 238 years. Putting the date into perspective, Polish mathematician and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, had just published a book suggesting that the Earth was not in fact the centre of the universe. He suggested that Earth is actually orbiting the Sun and the Earth rotates daily, annually and tilts on its axis. Spain was the superpower in the world and was busy battling the Italians and Mexicans. Bloody Mary...

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Ipswich Hospital newest JHO: Making a Difference

Dr Anirudh ‘Anj’ Bhardwaj has just finished his internship at the Ipswich Hospital. He is now a Junior House Officer (JHO) in his first year of service after becoming eligible for full registration as a medical practitioner. Dr Bhardwaj is about to start a cardiology rotation before moving to the Emergency Department and finishing the year on the Intensive Care Unit rotation. Dr Bhardwaj was born in India but was 8 years old when his family came to live at Forest Lake. “No, no one else in my family is in the medical profession. “My dad is a police...

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, it’s a shelf full of comic books

Superheroes and their stories are just as popular today as they were half a century ago. You don’t have to look too hard to find children running around dressed in their favourite superhero cape battling imaginary enemies and saving the world. Comic books were first introduced in the 1930s. They have been through various ages from the 1938 – 1956 considered the Golden Age through to, what is considered the current Modern Age, since 1985. The Modern Age sees the rise of the anti-hero such as Wolverine, who is flawed but always has the finest intentions. More complex heroes,...

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