A few moments with Rosewood’s lady of fashion

Rosewood is proud of its country chic tag, more rustic than refined.

That’s not to say it’s not fashionable.

Michelle Robertson, owner of main street store Kaysuelle Fashions, is responsible for many of the town’s female fashion statements.

She loves fashion, has lived in this area all her life and enjoys working in a place with a fantastic sense of community.

Ipswich First asked Michelle Robertson about her business, which sells everything from jeans and tops, to dresses, shoes, bags and other accessories.

How long have you had this business?

Kaysuelle Fashions opened in 2007 and was in two other locations before this one (36 John St, Rosewood).

Early in 2019 we expanded into the space next door to increase our floor space and add a large fitting room.

What do you strive for in business?

Well, to be successful obviously, but also I just love seeing people walk out the door with a smile on their face.

How important is social media in your business?

It’s fantastic, it really helps us build that interaction with our customers and the community.

I’m very lucky, my daughter helps me immensely with Facebook. We sometimes post photos of customers, with their permission, and the response is always great.

Where do your customers come from?

Oh everywhere. We had a lady in recently from Townsville … from Toowoomba, from Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

We get people coming out on the weekends and driving through Rosewood and Marburg.

The monthly markets in Rosewood are a real drawcard too (at the Anglican Church on John St, on the third Saturday morning of every month).

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in business?

You have to be dedicated – and you have to enjoy what you do.

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