A walking tour of street art in Ipswich

There’s plenty of street art to take in around Ipswich. Our friends at Discover Ipswich shared this piece by blogger Lady Brisbane, which takes a look at some of it.

It starts at Rafter & Rose on Ellenborough Street, the ideal place to begin after you grab a takeaway coffee to enjoy.

Ellenborough Street

Situated a few shops either side of Rafter & Rose are two driveways one has been painted with a fabulous colourful mural the length of the drive and the other has been decorated with cute Japanese sushi art.

Brisbane Street – F. Goleby and Sons

Walk along Brisbane Street and down behind F. Goleby & Sons to the car park and turn around to the back of the building to admire the magnificent flying owl painted by Mike Shankster.

This large scale work represents the eternal and never ending process of learning.

Make your way back up to Brisbane Street and wander along, checking out the shops along the way. Fashion, art or food there is something for everyone.

If you’re feeling hungry drop into Fourthchild for a delicious house made meal, their cakes and biscuits are delicious.

Central Mission Church

Central Mission Church is home to two magnificent bird artworks. One side of the building next to Central Mission Church is painted with a beautiful sunset scene with two realistic fairy wrens painted by David Houghton and the other side of the building has a larger than life painting of a dove by RC Collective.

Both pieces are definitely worth hunting down as their sheer size and realistic detail is incredible.

Limestone Street

Head to 55 Limestone Street and located on the brick wall in the car park are some colourful Care Bears, my favourite is the Barista Bear, over six bears are featured, which is your favourite?

East Street

Look for Morgans located on the corner of Limestone and East streets. Situated in the driveway next to Morgans is a religious themed art work complete with a holy water tap.

Signal boxes

You may walk straight past them without even noticing the colourful artworks decorating many of the signal boxes dotted around Ipswich central. Keep your eyes peeled for these two and many others.

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