A luxurious night away is closer than you think

Josh Kerr knows a lot about Ipswich, having spent months trekking across the region for council’s Google Trekker project. Here, he takes a look at glamping at Hardings Paddock.

Hidden away among the Eucalypt forests just outside the city, there’s a quiet, unassuming locale, nestled on the edge of one of our pristine natural reserves.

Now thanks to a newly formed collective of local businesses, this sneaky little venue promises one of the most compact opportunities to engage with all manner of experiences in nature over the weekend.

Introducing, glamping, yoga and horse riding, at Hardings Paddock.

First on our list and arguably the overshadowing theme of your stay will be the luxury glamping provided by The Soul Nook Collective.

Characterised by beautiful big bell tents, perched gracefully among a backdrop of woodland and greenery, this one’s for those of us who love the outdoors but are less willing to give up some of those creature comforts of home.

Inside you’ll find spacious ceilings, an arrangement of single or full sized beds and all adorned with an artfully designed decor- both cute, stylish and alternative. Wine, dinner, nibbles and even firewood can be provided on request.

It’s the perfect way to spend your evenings in the height of comfort, right in the thick of nature.

But this isn’t by any means the only feature of your idyllic weekender at Hardings Paddock.

The next notable activity on the list is the addition of some much needed, soulful, restful, yogic bliss. Just metres from the front door, rolling out into a clearing and intimately staged for medium sized groups, Mindful Monkeys is happy to indulge patrons in the humble practice of yoga.

Stop, think, breathe and flow from one pose to the next, all among the subtleties and intricacies of a slowly churning world around you.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that this experience is all about relaxing.

Just next door there’s an entire world of ancient volcanic ridges, challenging peaks and untold remnants of a volatile geological history waiting to be explored.

Thanks to yet more collaboration from local riding companies, the final chapter of this story ends in the rugged heart of the Flinders Goolman Conservation area – sound tracked by the rhythmic trot of a well-trained horse and framed in red dusk, as a blanket of colour drapes the land.

A horseback sunset in the estate, atop a ridge overlooking an ocean of earthy green hues and tremendous mountain scape, is a fitting end to an unforgettable weekend away.

So come on out, set yourself up and prepare for an experience which embodies the very essence of what it means to be outdoors. It’s our place, between the mountains, amongst the trees and just down the road.

See you there, at Hardings Paddock.

Bookings can be made via the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre by phoning 3281 0555 or through individual vendors.

Patrons can sign up for as many of the activities described above as they like. Bookings for Hardings Paddock Campground can be made online.

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