Advocacy group to lead the charge for Ipswich projects and funding

A powerful new advocacy group has been launched ahead of the Queensland State Election on 31 October.

The Ipswich Leaders Alliance (ILA), chaired by Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding, met in Ipswich (Friday 7 August) to discuss the city’s advocacy strategy.

“The ILA is a collaborative and strategic approach to State and Federal Government advocacy – with council and city leaders uniting to represent the needs of our diverse community,” Mayor Harding said.

“ILA will ensure our city is front of mind for all party leaders and their candidates and that we start to get our fair share.

“We need the State Government and our local members to step-up and support our city’s growth with proper planning and investment in catalytic infrastructure and policies that work for our communities.”

Mayor Harding said there had been tremendous support from local leaders and the newly-formed alliance would make a huge push on behalf of Ipswich in the lead-up to the State Election.

She said the ILA will work across the three levels of government to secure real outcomes for the city’s future.

ILA participants include heads of industry and academia from across Ipswich, uniting to form a powerful voice to government on behalf of the city over the next 12 weeks.

They were given a tour today of council’s $250 million Nicholas Street redevelopment and heard from the mayor about plans to put state politicians on notice during their election campaigns.

Through a coordinated effort, the alliance will seek meetings with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington, as well as the region’s four incumbent Labor MPs and potential candidates in advance of the election.

“The ILA is comprised of city leaders from across industry sectors. It recognises that as Ipswich continues to grow, it will need a mix of infrastructure, investment and policy settings to reach its potential,” Mayor Harding said.

“We met today to discuss our advocacy strategy ahead of the 2020 State Election.”

Mayor Harding said the group will advocate for crucial projects such as I2S, the Ipswich Central to Springfield Central public transport corridor – a designated 25km public transport corridor that connects the two centres via Ipswich’s key growth region through Ripley and Redbank Plains.

“Ipswich is the fastest-growing region in Queensland, with an annual population growth rate of 4.1 per cent – that’s approximately 3 per cent above the state and national averages,” she said.

“Ipswich is a city of opportunities and connectivity through this corridor will ensure we become the most liveable and productive region in Queensland.

“With approximately 70 per cent of the population growth in Ipswich occurring in the region between Ipswich and Springfield, this public transport corridor will help to ensure that the people of Ipswich keep our great lifestyles as the region grows and continued access to jobs and vital services.”

Mayor Harding said $2.5 million in funding is required to progress the next phase of planning and explore various options.

The ILA is also expected to discuss support for projects such as the second Bremer River crossing (Norman St bridge) and the North Ipswich Reserve Sports and Entertainment Precinct, as well as how to achieve better waste outcomes on behalf of  the city.

About Ipswich Leaders Alliance

The Ipswich Leaders Alliance (ILA) is an apolitical collective of leading peak representative bodies and business leaders who are dedicated to ensuring local needs are genuinely understood and met.

The ILA will be advocating for game-changing infrastructure, major policy reforms and localised projects that will ensure our city continues to go from strength to strength this next decade and beyond.

ILA participants:

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding

Philip Bell   Ipswich Chamber of Commerce

Neil Coupland    Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce

Roger Gorrell             Regional Development Australia

John Cole            University of Southern Queensland

Jo Sheppard       University of Southern Queensland

James Sturges   Ipswich Hospital Foundation

Stephen Tait      Chamber of Commerce and Industry Qld

Sam Burgess      Urban Developers Institute of Australia

Chris Mountford              Property Council Australia

Raynuha Sinnathamby   Springfield City Group

Taku Hashimoto               Sekisui House

Daniel Brekan    Goodman

Andrew Sanderson         TAE Aerospace

Claire Thurwood               Ramsey Health

Steve Greenwood          Queensland Futures Institute

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  1. Im hoping like crazy that this means more focus on Ipswich city and local suburbs and less on Springfield, which already, over the yesrs, has had all of the Council’s attention. The work currently happening in Ipswich Central is a welcome change to our landscape, so please let it continue!

  2. How this group conducts itself will be paramount if it is apolitical or a campaign tool for the LNP.

  3. Good to see that the highly privileged are there working together to steer the direction of the city. You’d be hoping for a little representation of the ordinary folk to ensure a little equality in the forward strategy.

  4. Why isnt there any basic small business person on your alliance if looking for one i put my hand up RUTH FARRAR BATTERYWORLD

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