Approval for Springview Village 2 and 3 Precinct Plan

A precinct plan for Springview Villages 2 and 3 in Springfield has been approved by Ipswich City Council following extensive assessment and consideration.

Ipswich City Council Chief Executive Officer Sonia Cooper said the Springview Villages 2 and 3 Precinct Plan application was lodged by developers Stockland in June 2023 for land at 7001 Mur Boulevard, 7006 Panorama Drive and 1 Telopea Way, Springfield.

“This location has long been earmarked for predominantly residential development under the broader Springfield Development Control Plan first issued by the State Government in 1997,” Ms Cooper said.

“The Springfield Development Control Plan is now referred to as the Springfield Structure Plan, which is part 14 of the Ipswich Planning Scheme 2006.

“The land in question is included in the Community Residential and Open Space designations of the current Springfield Structure Plan.

“This Precinct Plan describes the intended development for Villages 2 and 3, which is proposed to be one and two-storey detached homes. It also includes a small local commercial centre, a childcare centre, open space and a local sports park.

“The application is consistent with the relevant legislation and has been approved according to council’s Framework for Development Applications and Related Activities Policy.”

Ms Cooper said the approval does not permit Stockland to begin development; rather, this decision approves Stockland’s proposed precinct plan including the location of proposed centres, parks and future residential zones.

Further approvals from council will be required to allow for development.

The developer is also required to obtain a separate approval from the Commonwealth Government pursuant to the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. This assessment process is the highest level of ecological assessment of development that exists in Australia.

“Council received over 200 public submissions regarding this application. The precinct plan application process does not include a mandatory public notification period, however, council has taken note of the submissions received,” Ms Cooper said.

“Primary concerns in submissions received included impacts to endangered and vulnerable native wildlife such as koalas, platypus and powerful owls.

“Concern around the future of koalas is particularly noted. While the entire proposal area is mapped for koala habitat, this development is considered exempted development under the relevant legislation.

“Visual amenity for residents of Brookwater and the loss of native green space were further concerns highlighted in submissions.

“The proposal by Stockland will retain native wildlife corridors and koala habitat trees, with the total amount of open space proposed commensurate with the requirements of the Springfield Structure Plan.

“The proposed plan lodged by Stockland with council for assessment is generally consistent with the extensive development master plans that govern the broader Springfield region’s development.

“Stockland has also amended the original plans for development on the site to remove some proposed dwellings on the western side, and instead retain this area as further open space adjacent to Opossum and Woogaroo creeks.”

Ms Cooper said council recognises resident concerns around incremental loss of native flora and fauna in major development locations.

“Each application is strictly assessed according to the Queensland Government’s planning and environmental legislation as well as the Ipswich planning scheme,” Ms Cooper said.

“Ipswich has a population growth trajectory that will double our current population of 250,000 residents by 2046, many of whom will be moving into Springfield and eastern Ipswich suburbs.

“The tension between needed, affordable housing and the protection of our native landscapes and wildlife is one council endeavours to manage responsibly and transparently.”

Precinct plans are not impact assessable development applications, meaning the proposal is not eligible to be referred to the Independent Decision Review Panel.

Council’s decision can be found on the development.i website along with all documentation for this development application, by searching for application number 6243/2023/LAP.

Ipswich City Council is operating under caretaker provisions in accordance with Chapter 3, Part 5 of the Local Government Act 2009. Media communications by the Mayor and Councillors as ICC spokespeople during this time are limited to ensure compliance with legislation and, equity and transparency between existing Mayor, Councillors and candidates regarding access to Council resources.

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