Behind the Screens: Venue construction continues

In this second edition of Behind the Screens, we’ll take you into the depths of the Venue building which will be home to Hoyts cinema, restaurants and retailers from next year.

Construction is well underway behind the screens, with signs of life now becoming visible from the street. A steel frame is in place, which will support the distinct archway façade, due for completion early next year.

Inside on the ground floor foyer area, affectionately referred to as the dancefloor, concrete stairs have been poured connecting the ground floor to the mezzanine level above.

The entrance foyer at Venue is starting to take shape with ceiling beams, stairs and façade framing now in place. Use the compass icon to navigate and plus or minus icons to zoom in and out.

A steel frame shows where the distinctive façade arches will be that mark the entry way to Venue. Click on the interactive highlighted marker for more information.

Beside the stairwell is the foundation for the escalator, which will be craned in and positioned next month, marking a significant project milestone.

If you look up, steel framing now spans the site in preparation for the roof which will be going in late September to early October. Over the main foyer area, there will be a skylight to allow natural light to flood the space.

Roof beams are in place ready for closing in the foyer area. Click on the interactive highlighted markers for more information about points of interest.

Up on level 1, the entry way to the Hoyts cinema is taking shape with framing in place for the bar and candy bar area, a must have to complete any cinema experience.

The mezzanine level provides a great vantage point to look out over the open foyer area. Use the compass icon to navigate and plus or minus icons to zoom in and out.

And deeper into the building, deconstruction of the previous cinema spaces is complete and the skeleton for six new cinemas is starting to emerge.

Steel frames mark out the location of the bar and snack area of the new Hoyts cinema. Use the compass icon to navigate and plus or minus icons to zoom in and out.

We’ll keep bringing you visual updates so you can watch progress over time. The next update in two weeks will take you back to the Commonwealth Hotel to see what has changed since our last visit.

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