Bin stickers spread the Recycle 4 message

NORTEC staff Matt Turner, Thomas Mead and Andrew Cole in Springfield Lakes putting council’s Recycle 4 stickers on yellow top bins.

New bin stickers explaining Ipswich City Council’s new Recycle 4 strategy are appearing on yellow top bins across the city.

More than 10,000 bin stickers have already been “stuck on” as workers target 78,000 wheelie bins across the city before the end of August.

Works, Parks and Sport Acting Chairperson Cr David Morrison said council had made a winning start to its war on waste. “West Ipswich, East Ipswich, Rosewood, Ripley, Riverview and Springfield Lakes’ residents were among the first recipients of new yellow top bin stickers during the fortnightly kerbside collection last week,” he said.

Council has contracted workers from local charity organisation yourtown and not-for-profit organisation NORTEC to put approximately 78,000 stickers on residents’ yellow top bins.

NORTEC workers Andrew Cole, Matt Turner and Thomas Mead hit the streets from 7am, braving extremely cold weather, to put on about 10,000 stickers in the first week. Mr Cole said residents were appreciative of the new information and welcomed the stickers.

He said several came out to ask questions and were all supportive of council measures to make recycling easier, targeting four specific items (paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and containers, aluminium and steel cans and tins) for the yellow top bins. He added there had been almost 100 per cent positive feedback.

The NORTEC and yourtown workers will continue across Ipswich over the next 4-6 weeks as they affix the new stickers to bins on the kerbside or leave them in residents’ mailboxes. Staff will have identifiable name tags and will not go into or on properties.

Council asks residents to leave their yellow top bin out for as long as possible on their once-a-fortnight recycling collection day (during July and August) so the workers can put the stickers on the bins. Stickers will also be available at council customer service centres.

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