Bremer High centre connects students with careers

Kasey Binns, who is studying a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care, works with trainer Surinder Gill.

A new careers centre at Bremer State High School is helping students get the information they need to secure employment now and into the future.

The Bremer Career Connections Centre officially opened last month and has been a hit with students, parents and teachers.

“We’ve actually got students lining up during lunchtimes, keen to find out how the centre can help them,” year 11 dean Hayley Range said.

Students who visit the centre are guided through four steps; job readiness training including resume writing, a career assessment to identify their work styles and preferences, career selection and lastly, identification of training and work opportunities.

Ms Range said using a detailed analysis of students’ motivations, work values, preferences and personality traits allowed for a tailored approach.

“Each kid comes with their own story so it’s really important that we are able to look at their individual needs,” she said.

“By having each student complete a Harrison Career Assessment it allows them to really hone in on their career goals and likes and dislikes.”

As well as helping students plan their future, the centre has a jobs board for work available now, particularly part time/casual positions ideal for students.

“A lot of kids really want to work, particularly the boys, and we have found that if they can find a job it is a huge incentive for them to continue attending school,” she said.

Ms Range said a major motivation behind establishing the centre was to address the number of students who leave Bremer High each year without a clear plan for their future.

“About two thirds of students at Bremer are not on an OP pathway. With about 300 students in each year level, that’s 200 students leaving each year without an OP, and many of them are unsure about what they are going to do next,” she said.

“More than 20 per cent will spend the 12 months after leaving school unemployed, basically on an unplanned gap year, which is something we are trying to address.

“We want to make sure Bremer students leave school job ready and that they know the options available to them so that they can confidently leave school knowing what’s ahead.”

Bremer High works closely with Apprenticeships Queensland, Tafe Queensland, Blue Dog Training and local employers through the centre. The school is also a registered training organisation.

Ms Range said the school planned to continue to expand the centre’s offerings and was keen to hear from community groups, employment organisations and businesses that could help.

“One thing we’re really looking for is help with upgrading the technology in the centre,” she said.

“It was set up using existing school resources so there are four old computers, but we would like to upgrade those in particular with more modern machines such as notebooks or tablets.

“If anyone is able to assist, we’d love to hear from them.”

To contact Ms Range about the centre, phone 3810 9333 or email [email protected]

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