Brightening up Springfield Central Library

Artist Emma Cracknell has brought the Springfield Central Library parents’ room to life, with her illustrations of baby Australian animals.

​​​The illustrated wall decals have had a fantastic response from visitors to the library.
“Lots of parents have commented on them and said how much they love them, which is really nice,” Ms Cracknell said.
“I’ve always done children’s illustrations and my style has developed more into an Australian theme because I love Australian animals.
“One of my biggest inspirations is May Gibbs – I just gravitate to that style, and those colours, so I’ve continued to develop my own illustrations in a similar theme.”
Ms Cracknell, who works at Springfield Central Library as a Library officer, has also been asked to contribute designs for the upcoming Rosewood library’s parents’ room.
“I envision something with my characters but with more of a bush or woodland theme, which would work well with the surroundings,” she said.
After working with Ipswich libraries for 8 years, Ms Cracknell says she loves the creative opportunities on offer at Springfield Central Library, including painting 3D printed models in the Makerspace area.
Above and below: Emma helps paint some of the 3D models printed in Ipswich Libraries’ Makerspace.
“It’s a real step away from the traditional library, and there’s a lot of variety, which is great.”

As far as future plans go, Emma is hoping to work on more murals, as well as trying to give her illustrations a home in other parts of the library.

“It’s my dream to one day see my illustrations in books in the library.”
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