Census 2021: What you need to know

Australia’s 2021 Census is fast approaching, and you may be wondering, what do you need to know to be prepared for Census night?

What is the Census?

The Census, held on Tuesday 10 August 2021, is a snapshot of who we are and tells the story of how we are changing. It is one of the largest and most important statistical collections undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

How will people complete their Census?

People will be able to complete the Census online, on their mobile device or on paper.

Several options will be available for people who need assistance to complete their Census form including help from Census staff, and phone and online help.

Census staff will be in remote communities to help people complete the Census during July and August.

What is new with the Census?

People can complete their Census as soon as they receive their instructions if they know where they’ll be on 10 August. They don’t have to wait until Census night.

There are two new questions in the 2021 Census – the first changes to questions collected since 2006. The new questions are on long-term health conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes, and on defence force participation.

What in-language support will be available?

While the Census is in English, translated information is available in the following languages:

  1. Arabic
  2. Assyrian
  3. Burmese/ Mynamar
  4. Cantonese
  5. Croatian
  6. Dari
  7. Farsi
  8. Filipino/ Tagalog
  9. Greek
  10. Indonesia / Bahasa
  11. Hindi
  12. Italian
  13. Japanese
  14. Khmer
  15. Korean
  16. Macedonian
  17. Mandarin
  18. Nepali
  19. Polish
  20. Portuguese
  21. Punjabi
  22. Russian
  23. Serbian
  24. Spanish
  25. Tamil
  26. Thai
  27. Turkish
  28. Urdu
  29. Vietnamese

The Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) is available on 131 450 to assist those requiring additional in-language support. TIS provides access to interpreters who speak more than 160 languages.

For information in your language, visit www.census.abs.gov.au/language

Conducting the Census in a COVID environment

The ABS is closely monitoring the quickly developing situation across multiple states and territories. The ABS has implemented a COVID safe plan for field operations in the areas impacted.

This includes:

  • ceasing face to face contact in accordance with stay-at-home orders
  • wearing masks as required under government directions
  • adhering to State Government Department of Health advice
  • minimal face to face contact with the community in all other locations with COVID-19 restrictions
  • maintaining physical distance and good hygiene.

All Census field officers have also been trained in COVID safe practices.

How do people know if a Census staff member is legitimate?

Information for the public on how to identify Census field and engagement staff is at Identifying Census staff | 2021 Census (abs.gov.au)

For more information about the Census, visit census.abs.gov.au

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