Child safety at the heart of proposed commuter parking crackdown

Those who are deemed to be threatening the safety of children and motorists by parking on walkways or grassed areas near Springfield Central Station will be given two weeks to find a safer option.

Ipswich City Council CEO Sean Madigan said representatives of nearby Springfield Anglican College have raised concerns that a footpath connecting the school and the station is being used to park and drive cars.

In addition, cars illegally parked alongside the adjacent road have long been a traffic hazard, Mr Madigan said.

“There is currently a two-week warning in place which puts people on notice,” he said.

“On Friday (September 7), 108 warning tickets were pinned to the windshields of cars – each of them with a $0 payment. Nobody has yet been fined.

“Council jurisdiction presides over areas surrounding the station’s official car park. Unfortunately however, the issue of  how many parking spaces at Springfield Central Station is under State Government jurisdiction.”

While council officers are allowed to issue fines for illegal parking within the official parking lot, the number of parks remains a State Government concern.

“Obviously, council supports any move to either increase the number of parking spaces at or near the station, or the introduction of improved bus services which would encourage greater use of public transport,” Mr Madigan said.

“Council’s main concern at this point in time is the safety of children and motorists. We’ve been told there have been some near misses, and we don’t want it to take a tragedy before encouraging people to do the right thing.”

Parking fines after the two-week warning period will be $97.

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