Cleaner and greener kerbside collection coming in 2024

Ipswich residents will have greater access and more flexibility to dispose of unwanted household items with the introduction of an annual on-demand large item kerbside collection service from early next year.

Ipswich City Council unanimously agreed on Thursday, 26 October, to appoint Handel Group as its preferred supplier on a 10-year $17 million contract to assist council in delivering this new bagged service to the community.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said the new on-demand service will be an annual bagged service ensuring that it is more convenient, safer for residents and pedestrians and allows more materials to be saved from landfill.

“This is a huge win for council, the community and our environment,’’ Mayor Harding said.

“The on-demand service will be introduced next year, with council offering each eligible Ipswich household one collection each year at no charge.

“Residents will be able to choose when they want to use their large item collection service, maybe for a spring clean or house move, and arrange for collection when it suits them.”

Mayor Harding said the new program replaces the former biennial (every two years) city-wide service and is aligned with council’s innovative Resource Recovery Strategy, as well as improving convenience for residents.

“Previously, kerbside collection items went straight to landfill but under this new model up to 80 per cent of materials is expected to be recovered,” Mayor Harding said.

“It is estimated that, long term, the new on-demand model will deliver a substantial saving to council as opposed to retaining the business-as-usual model.

“It will also provide improved safety – bagged collection means less chances of broken glass, scrap metals, debris and unwanted waste littering the kerbside.”

A comprehensive analysis was undertaken and found that the existing service, which had been provided for 22 years, required a re-design with a focus on resource recovery.

An on-demand service aligns with council goals and moves us towards achieving state and national targets for waste diversion and provides the maximum environmental, social, and economic benefits as well as minimising the costs to the community.

Under the new approach, residents will be able to book the service online or via telephone. They will be provided with a large two cubic metre bag which is then collected from the kerbside.

Handel Group will be responsible for delivering the bag direct to the property and then collecting it once contacted by the resident within a specified time frame. The amount and types of waste currently accepted will remain the same with the new collection service.

Council will communicate updates regarding the on-demand large item kerbside collection service to the community through various channels, including the Ipswich Bin app, council website, social media and local newspapers.

To stay up-to-date download Ipswich Bin app on your smart phone or device or visit

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